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Nexus Enterprise Ready with Support from HOSSTED

Linnovate - Open Source Innovation | 2.2.0

Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 20.04 - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

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    Swati R.

A one-stop tool for all your component management woes

  • August 04, 2021
  • Review provided by G2

What do you like best?
Nexus Repo Manager is an excellent tool for storing & distributing your binaries and artifacts across the globe among product teams located at multiple geographies.
The tagging & Staging feature of Nexus is bliss for a completely automated pipeline.
Fetching third-party dependencies in a secure environment is a great plus.
Support for a vast number of repository formats.
Also, the caching feature makes the builds faster & optimizes the build process.
If Nexus is hosted on AWS , then we can directly attach the repository storage to an S3 Bucket.
Its v easy to utilize Nexus IQ server along with Nexus Repo Manager, which is a great tool to examine threats in third party dependencies in code binaries.
What do you dislike?
The database of Nexus Repo Manager is integrated along with the application.Its difficult to segregate the data from Orion DB if required.
The licensing of Nexus Repo Manager is based on the no. of users. This makes it tricky for the large organization to adopt it.
Sonatype Nexus documentation on Gradle is very limited.Should add more content to it.
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
Nexus helps us in managing our build artifacts.
Multiple teams can access the artifacts from one centralized server without using any FTP or other file transfer systems.
Highly secure.
Tagging & Staging allows smooth move within a pipeline
We are also using Nexus IQ server which does the health checks of our repos/ artifacts regularly.
Our Build & release cycle time has reduced drastically after using Nexus.
Recommendations to others considering the product:
Easy to Set-up
Prompt Support
Very Easy to understand & implement
Upgrades are simple
Great documentation

    Computer Software

Efficient Repository Tool

  • September 17, 2019
  • Review provided by G2

What do you like best?
Import possible of GIT Lab, filters possible.
What do you dislike?
Lack of reporting Tool like Nexus Aiditor, audit imterface for librariea difficulr
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
Components libraries, artifacta repository

    Gil B.

Excellent artifact management for an open source product

  • June 27, 2019
  • Review verified by G2

What do you like best?
Sonatype nexus OSS provides a robust and highly flexible artifact management solution. It does the job really well, has a good management interface, solid community and good documentation.
What do you dislike?
some of the less-common repository types being used have some rough edges, as do some of the less standard storage methods (e.g. s3). it is important to stress that for the most part these are relatively minor and alternative workarounds exist.
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
Sonatype nexus OSS solves the problem of artifact management and retrieval as part of CI/CD pipelines as well as gatekeeping the introduction and integrity of external dependency packages to production systems and developer systems alike.
another useful feature is to accelerate the setup of local environments with a controlled release mirror.
Recommendations to others considering the product:
This is a good solution and I recommend it wholeheartedly, but if your workflow requires less commonly used repository types, you should evaluate the product first to make sure there are no bugs implicating your use case.

    Information Technology and Services

Great tool. Easy to use and maintain

  • March 15, 2019
  • Review provided by G2

What do you like best?
Simple tool that is easy to use. Wish some extra features and enhancements in the UI can be developed for better management.
What do you dislike?
The documentation in can be improved to be much more specific. Information on HA needs attention. Most of the questions related to HA are deflected by the customer support team to these documents that do not help.
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
Storing binaries of different types of repo formats in an easy to consume manner.

    Thomas B.

Very powerful product for dependencies management

  • July 30, 2018
  • Review provided by G2

What do you like best?
Easy to configure in order to setup dependencies directories from different sources : Maven, Python, .Net , ...
Many functionalities in order to control actions different users can realize on a specific repository for writing or reading access.

You can also use it as a proxy for your different packages managers : npm, python, .... so everything is downloaded to your Nexus repositories and cached for future consumers.
What do you dislike?
Interface of version 3 is very limited. Repositories view has disappeared for regular users, and it would be great to be able to filter by repository in the "Browse Option"
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
Nexus Sonatype helps us to manage the dependencies of our organization.
All software used is stored in our repositories, improving control, build repeatability , and reducing network traffic.
Recommendations to others considering the product:
Very good dependencies manager.
Professional edition seems to be quite expensive, but OSS edition is perfect for standard use.

    Guiomar T.

Nexus Repository from Sonatype OSS

  • January 11, 2018
  • Review provided by G2

What do you like best?
Quite simple to have it working for maven artifacts.
What do you dislike?
The interface is useful but it isn't pretty or confortable to use
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
We storage the private maven artifacts of some of our projects, and control user that have access to those artifacts.
Recommendations to others considering the product:
Nexus is an good private maven artifact repository, with capacity to act as other SW repository (e.g. Docker Images) It is easy to set your components to be released in this private reposiotory.

As Maven Central repository runs also a Nexus Sonatype Repository, working with the Central repository or with self hosted Nexus OSS doesn't have many implications in the maven configuration of the artifacts, neither in the flow that artifact should follow whether publish public into Central or private into your own Nexus.

User management is quite good implemented allowing different access for each user regarding different level of access to each type of repository, but also inside the repositories can be configured regarding each of the artifacts, or groups of them.
User management hasn't integration with github or other Oauth2 providers, but you can make your own connector with the scrip executor that the Nexus provides.

Over all I believe is a good choice for maven/gradle artifact repositories, and I would give it a chance for other kind of SW.

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