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July Systems is the leading SaaS-based mobile application platform for businesses worldwide. The Company’s tool-based Mi™ platform allows customers to build, manage, market and monetize real-time, connected mobile services. The Mi™ platform obviates the need for businesses to worry about keeping up with the pace, scale, diversity and complexity of offering mobile applications. Instead, it allows them to leverage a pre-integrated platform, hundreds of pre-built modules, and a robust partner ecosystem. Some of the largest global brands across media, entertainment, sports and retail segments rely on July Systems for their mobile presence. Key customers include ESPN, Gannett, CBS Sports, NBA, NFL, PGA Tour, NBC Sports, Toys R Us, Unilever, Discovery Channel, Disney, Sports Illustrated, The Wall Street Journal, Indy Car and hundreds of others worldwide.

July Systems Inc

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MiTM Platform Express is a SaaS based application that allows you to rapidly create and update mobile sites.
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