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Manage risk and security in your CI/CD pipelines with Application Security and DevSecOps solutions available in AWS Marketplace.

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The earlier secure coding practices are incorporated in the development process, the better. Application Security is critical to the security of your business. You can save time, effort, and cost when you find and remediate security flaws during the coding phase of an application, and have confidence in your security posture as you launch into production. 

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Manage risk and application security across every phase of your software delivery pipeline.

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Alert Logic Security. Compliance. Cloud

Aqua Enterprise Platform provides insights and security automation that secures workloads across containers, VMs, and serverless.

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Codebashing teaches developers secure coding by delivering just-in-time learning through short lessons linked directly from Application Security Testing (AST) results.

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Mend, formerly known as WhiteSource, secures and integrates with your software development lifecycle and automates your entire open source components management process. 

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Snyk enables over 2 million developers to build securely across the entire application lifecycle, from code to containers and cloud infrastructure.

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Trend Micro Cloud One has automated, API driven security and security as code, enabling you to build security into your modern applications from the start.

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Alert Logic Security. Compliance. Cloud

Veracode’s solutions enable developers to identify, prioritize and fix vulnerabilities within the development workflow, adopting DevSecOps best practices.

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Top resources for DevSecOps

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SANS book: Practical Guide to Security in the AWS Cloud

Learn about tactics, techniques, and procedures for securely operating in the cloud. 

More learning resources

Learn about the latest practices, tools, and how to evolve your application security practices with resources from AWS Marketplace.

Benefit from a data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organisations.

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Review an introduction to AWS approach to security, including the controls in the AWS environment.

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Simplify Snyk and AWS integration with our latest AWS Quick Start

Set up Snyk to work with Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) and AWS Lambda with just the click of a button

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