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Organizations moving to the cloud are looking for broader visibility into assets and vulnerabilities. Cyber risk management solutions help companies identify, investigate, and set priorities for the remediation of vulnerabilities with increased efficiency.

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Tenable provides actionable insight into security risks of your entire infrastructure through Predictive Prioritization. drives down your cyber exposure by combining vulnerability data and threat intelligence with advanced data science. This enables to identify the 3% of vulnerabilities most likely to be exploited and rank them on actual cyber risk. features include:

  • Automated cloud asset detection to achieve continuous visibility
  • Comprehensive assessment via active and agent scanning, and passive network monitoring
  • Predictive Prioritization that combines vulnerability data, threat intelligence, and data science to remediate by priority
  • Reporting and dashboarding to tailor vulnerability and remediation communications to audiences across your company

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Netskope wanted to upgrade its legacy vulnerability management with cyber exposure in order to achieve more actionable business insights. The company turned to Tenable to gather live information about vulnerabilities, malware, misconfigurations, and policy violations throughout the organization. As a result, Tenable provided Netskope with a unified solution that included comprehensive cyber exposure, continuous monitoring, and 360-degree visibility across its entire product and IT infrastructure.

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[Tenable] . . . makes my life easier by delivering custom dashboards for the different teams and making them accountable to remediate and validate their respective issues.  

            Rahul Gupta, Cloud Information Security Manager, Netskope

NEW! Practical Guide to Security in the AWS Cloud

This book provides you with a comprehensive collection of technical resources from  18 contributing specialist authors, that you can use to arm yourself with the foundational knowledge required in today’s cloud-first world. Taken together, these resources model the whole life cycle of security, touching on aspects of the functions of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework— Identify, Protect, Detect and Respond


The FICO Cyber Risk Score helps companies better manage a growing list of vendors by employing automated risk assessments. The assessment uses the industry’s most accurate cyber risk metric. Simply subscribe and after a brief vetting process you are able to create a custom view of your third-party portfolio risk in just minutes.

FICO Cyber Risk Score Enterprise Security Suite Landscape’s features include:

  • Supervised machine learning
  • Third-party risk management & insurance dashboards
  • Automatically share reports with third-parties
  • Fourth party risk assessment
  • Self-curation of assets in real time
  • On demand scoring for any organization globally in seconds
  • Industry benchmarks

How it works

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