APN Navigate offers a prescriptive path for APN Partners to define their partner journey by walking you through the benefits, requirements, tools, and knowledge needed to progress with the APN, move to the next APN tier, and build specialty practices or solutions on AWS based on your business focus.

If you are new to the AWS Partner Network (APN), you will be included in the APN Navigate Foundations path. The APN Navigate Foundations path will help you establish the fundamental building blocks to become a successful APN Partner and guide you through the Knowledge, Experience, and Customer Success pillars to achieve Select tier.

Once you have completed the APN Navigate Foundations path, you can select an APN Navigate specialization track to deepen your knowledge and build your organization’s expertise with a variety of resources on how to specialize on AWS to differentiate your practice or solution.

The APN Navigate Foundations Path is for new members of the APN. This track is to establish your foundational building blocks on AWS and the APN. Your organization will receive step-by-step guidance on how to move through the APN and achieve Select tier.

The APN Navigate Specialization tracks are for APN Partners who are further along in their APN journey and are looking to gain expertise in a specific workload, industry, or use case area. Your organization will receive step-by-step guidance on how to specialize and become recognized as experts on AWS in a specific workload, industry, or use case area.


Both APN Navigate Foundations and each Specialization track is comprised of e-learnings, advanced tools and resources, clear calls to action, and checkpoints to increase your organization’s visibility with AWS teams.


Not at this time. However, each APN Navigate specialization track offers resources and tools that are specific to that domain and will provide you with step-by-step guidance on how to achieve the AWS Service Delivery, AWS Competency, or AWS Managed Service Provider designation. We highly recommend that you participate in an APN Navigate Specialization track as it offers a framework and prescriptive guidance so that you don't have to figure out how to achieve the designation on your own.


We wanted to make getting started as simple as possible so no application is required. To participate, your organization simply needs to start the trainings in Phase 1 of a Navigate specialization track you want to pursue and you will be considered a participant of APN Navigate. At a minimum, you need to register and become a member of APN.


1. Go to the APN Navigate landing page

2. Click on the APN Navigate tracks(s) you want to pursue and it will take you to the specific AWS Navigate page.

3. Locate Phase 1: AWS Training section on the page and have individuals click the following buttons:

  •  “Start the Well-Architected Training Now”
  •  “Start the Business Track Now”
  • “Start the Technical Track Now”  


It’s simple. Go to the page of the APN Navigate path your organization wants to pursue. The required trainings are listed under Phase 1. Nominate the minimum number of individuals required to complete the technical and business tracks. The nominated individuals simply need to click “start the training now” button. If they are not logged into their Partner Central account, it will prompt them to login and then redirect them to the Navigate training.

If you do not have an APN Partner Central account because you are not a registered member of the APN, you should start with the APN Navigate Foundations path. You can register to become an APN Partner here to get started. 


Go to the dedicated page of the APN Navigate specialization track your organization wants to pursue. There are links to the specific trainings that must be completed. In the same section, it specifies how many individuals must complete the trainings in order for your organization to move to Phase 2.


Advanced technical and business enablement are unlocked to your organization.


To move to Phase 2, your organization must complete the free e-learnings in Phase 1. Each APN Navigate specialization track requires a minimum number of individuals to complete the specified trainings in Phase 1. The trainings are role-based and most Navigates require two (2) individuals to complete the business training and two (2) individuals to complete the technical training + a foundational Well-Architected Best Practices Technical Training.

Tip! Make sure you check the dedicated page of the Navigate path you select to confirm the total number of individuals required to take each training!

It takes approximately 5 business days for the training systems to feed the completion confirmation to us.

Alliance Leads can access this information in APN Partner Central in their Partner Scorecard under “Additional AWS Activity”. If you are not the Alliance Lead please work with him/her directly to access this information.

Are the requirements in Navigate additional to APN Tier and APN Program (Service Delivery, Competency, and/or MSP) requirements?

No, not in Phases 2-5. The only new requirement in Navigate are the e-learnings in Phase 1. Navigate is intended to guide your organization on achieving requirements to meet APN tiers and program designations.

The best way to succeed is to leverage your APN Navigate Goals Checklist and your dedicated Navigate toolbox in APN Partner Central. Your journey starts and ends here.

Your APN Navigate Goals Checklist should serve as your single-source of truth for all the prescriptive actions and checkpoints that should be taken as you advance with the APN.

Your dedicated Navigate toolbox is your one-stop shop with a curated list of tools, resources, and assets available at your fingertips. Content in the toolbox are selected by AWS experts so you should feel confident that this is the most relevant and current resources available.

The APN Navigate Goals Checklist is the key resource that will guide your organization on achieving APN goals and milestones including tier and program status attainment. It’s broken down into the following components which align with the core pillars of Navigate:
1. Learn. These are the resources that are recommended that you consume to advance your knowledge as you’re working towards building your expertise.

2. Action. These are the various goals that should be accomplished to help you build your AWS business and working towards achieving APN tier and APN Program designations (AWS Service Delivery, AWS Competency, and AWS MSP). Actions include completing AWS certifications, launching opportunities, obtaining CSAT reviews, and building case studies. Work towards delivering on these actions and will help your organization accelerate through APN.

3. Connect. There are checkpoints throughout your Navigate path to help you stay connected with AWS teams. Complete these checkpoints when prompted so AWS teams have greater visibility to your progress and can provide guidance to stay aligned with helping you build your AWS business.

There are a number of benefits you’ll experience by participating in Navigate. Here are a few:
1. Removes the guess-work. Provides step-by-step guidance on how to get started on working through APN and your specialization path on AWS. APN Navigate includes a curated list of tools and resources recommended by AWS Experts that help you build your AWS business and meet AWS best practices faster.

2. Goal setting. APN Partners will receive an APN Navigate Goals Checklist that provides an APN Partner a roadmap of clear actions and checkpoints to help your organization achieve your business goals.

3. Self-Service. APN Partners can continue to make progress through the APN Navigate Goals Checklist without waiting for someone to tell them what to do next; saving time so both APN Partners and AWS teams can have more meaningful and strategic engagements.

Additionally, your organization will receive a dedicated navigate toolbox that provides you with a curated list of all the recommended resources that will serve as a single source of truth, saving you time on searching for the right and relevant documents to become specialized on AWS.