Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a low cost, reliable and secure foundation for you to use as you build and deliver Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to customers. The AWS Partner Network (APN) helps companies build a successful AWS-based business by providing valuable business, technical, marketing, and go-to-market (GTM) support.



“For us, building a SaaS solution on AWS was really one of the best decisions we ever made.” Alois Reitbauer Chief Technical Strategist, Dynatrace


Evaluating if SaaS is the right delivery method for your product? The ISV Business Case for Building SaaS on Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of developing a SaaS product.


SaaS is a licensing and delivery model whereby software is centrally managed and hosted by a provider and available to customers on a subscription basis. Your company may look to a SaaS model to deliver your product for a number of reasons, including:

Customer Demand: Provide your customers a flexible way to consume your product. 

Improved Operational Efficiency: Save time and money by focusing your development and support on one version of your product.

Increased Agility: Easily control and release upgrades so you can make sure all of your customers benefit from product innovations.

Expand Market and Global Reach: Attract customers in new geographies, different size segments, and new verticals.



The breadth and depth of tools and services available on AWS can facilitate a faster time-to-market for SaaS providers. The pace of innovation at AWS also provides SaaS companies with new services and capabilities to enhance the features, cost, and management profile of their solutions. By leaving the operational responsibilities to AWS, you’re able to focus more of your energy directly on the needs of your products. The combination of AWS service innovations and minimization of operational overhead is an essential to enabling the agility that SaaS organizations require.  

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Managing and optimizing costs is essential to SaaS environments. With the elasticity of the AWS environment, you’re able to build SaaS solutions that are optimized to match the infrastructure of your multi-tenant load. Visit the pricing pages of each service to learn more.


Uptime and the ability to respond to continually evolving workloads is essential to SaaS products. AWS provides a broad range of capabilities that can be leveraged to align with the uptime requirements of SaaS environments. It also provides dynamic scaling mechanisms that allow you to align tenant consumption with actual load.

A large number of companies globally integrate with AWS services. These include a wide range of developers and providers who are building next-generation SaaS solutions on AWS, and APN Partners who can support your product development and growth including Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and APN Competency Partners.  

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SaaS providers often need to reach customers in a broad range of geographies. The AWS Cloud spans 64 Availability Zones within 21 geographic Regions around the world, with plans for more Availability Zones and more Regions.

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Customers of your SaaS product want to know that their data is secure and private. Cloud security at AWS is the highest priority. AWS customers benefit from a data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

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AWS has resources and tools for you at every stage of your product journey – from evaluating the right delivery model for your product, to building and optimizing your product, to growing and reaching more customers.  

Business Support

Learning about and evaluating whether SaaS is the right delivery model for your product, including the technical and business considerations and implications. 

Marketing Support

Building your SaaS product on AWS.

Enablement Support

Product is generally available. You’re driving growth in your customer base and looking for ways to optimize your product.


Technical Resources: Technical considerations and requirements of building SaaS to support your evaluation of whether SaaS is the right delivery model for your product. Learn More

Business support and considerations for building SaaS. AWS commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to develop the business case for independent software vendors (ISVs) that sell on-premises software to develop SaaS on AWS. The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of developing a SaaS product. ISV Business Case for Building SaaS on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Study.

Technical Resources: Resources to support you while building SaaS on AWS include white papers, reference architecture, and quick starts. These resources provide prescriptive guidance on how to resolve SaaS-specific technical challenges such as tenant isolation, data partitioning, identity and access, and application migration. Learn More

Training: Join the APN to get access to e-learning courses to help technical and business individuals deepen their knowledge of AWS services. Accreditation courses are available online via the APN Portal at no cost. Learn More

Funding: As you build your business on AWS, you may be eligible to access the Innovation Sandbox. This benefit extends AWS promotional credits toward the development of new offerings on AWS and the ability to trial new services with and for customers. Learn More*

Specialized APN Partners: Use the APN Competency Program to find APN Technology and Consulting Partners who have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialized solution areas. Learn More

AWS Marketplace: Integrate with AWS Marketplace SaaS Subscription to deliver your solution to end customers as a SaaS offering through AWS Marketplace. Learn More

AWS Marketplace: Deliver your solution to end customers as a SaaS offering through AWS Marketplace. Learn More
SaaS Architecture Direct Connect Bundle: Enhance the quality and experience for your enterprise customers through the SaaS Architecture Direct Connect Bundle.
Funding: Join the APN and unlock eligibility for AWS promotional credits for qualified Proof-of-Concepts or Free Trials.  Learn More*
APN Marketing Central: Join the APN and get access to APN Marketing Central, which provides access to quick and easy marketing tools that enable you to generate demand for your solution on AWS. Learn More
Funding: Join the APN and unlock eligibility for Market Development Funding (MDF), which enables APN Partner driven demand generation and GTM activities. The MDF Program helps to increase APN Partner pipeline and accelerate revenue growth. Learn More
Differentiate your product: Join the APN and differentiate your product through the AWS Competency Program, which is designed to highlight APN Partners who have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialized solution areas. Attaining an AWS Competency allows partners to differentiate themselves to customers by showcasing expertise in a specific solution area.  Learn More
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*Select (formerly Standard), Advanced and Competency Partners may qualify for APN Funding Benefits.

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