AWS Application Networking

Simplify and improve your application’s network architecture

AWS application networking solutions allow you to simplify and improve your application’s network architecture. These solutions provide your traditional and modern applications with improved security, availability, performance, and streamlined monitoring capabilities. Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), AWS Global Accelerator (AGA), and AWS App Mesh work together to solve your application networking needs.

Elastic Load Balancing

Elastic Load Balancing

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shared between Classic & Application load balancers. Plus 15 GB of data processing for CLBs & 15 LCUs for ALBs.

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Streamlined network monitoring

AWS application networking services allow you to monitor each component of your application in a streamlined way, ensuring that you avoid the time-consuming process of developing and constantly updating your own monitoring tools. With AWS, you can even monitor your network conditions at the individual instance level. You can use our application networking services with Amazon CloudWatch metrics, logging, and request tracing to monitor the health and performance of your applications in real-time. This lets you quickly identify and isolate issues with any service to optimize your entire application.

Support for global applications

AWS services help ensure that you can easily make your applications more global. AWS’ ability to support the expansion of your application’s global reach is unmatched as our services leverage our custom-built Global Edge Network of 225+ Points of Presence around the world. This ensures that you can deliver content and services to your end users with lower latency regardless of location.

Improve your application availability

AWS application networking services help you deliver highly available applications to your users. Elastic Load Balancing automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple targets, such as Amazon EC2 instances, containers, IP addresses, AWS Lambda functions, and virtual appliances. It can handle the varying load of your application traffic in a single Availability Zone or across multiple Availability Zones.

Improved application performance

From globally distributed applications to individual test environments, AWS networking services help improve the performance of your applications. ELB and AGA allow them to work with auto scaling groups to accommodate load increases, ensuring that your applications remain highly performant while your customers use your services. AWS Global Accelerator also combines with the AWS Global Network to improve application network performance by up to 60%. With the recently launched Amazon EC2 C6gn instances, AWS provides support for enhanced networking with up to 100gbs of network bandwidth dedicated to each EC2 instance. 

Robust security built into applications

AWS application networking services work with AWS’ industry leading portfolio of network perimeter protection and security services to help improve your application’s security posture. AWS security services, like Network Firewall, WAF and Shield, work with AGA and ELB to ensure application traffic is always protected. With AWS, your application network traffic flows within the AWS global network which is encrypted by default. ELB also provides your applications with additional security measures like authentication, logging, and HTTP desync mitigation.

Use cases

Migrating your traditional applications to AWS

ELB supports the load balancing capabilities critical for you to migrate your traditional applications to AWS. By using ELBs, your traditional applications run on AWS and benefit from simplified and improved availability and performance. This means that you can preserve and move your traditional architectures to AWS and immediately start benefiting from the extra security, resiliency, and availability that the AWS network provides. AWS support for traditional applications also ensures that as you transition to modern applications, your application can enjoy these AWS benefits at each stage.

Building modern applications with microservices architecture

ELB includes support for containers and container orchestration using Kubernetes, providing load balancing between clients and applications as well as service to service communication. ELB supports the quick application developments and agile developer processes needed for you to effortlessly deploy your modern applications built on microservices architectures. ELB also adapts to your applications and their changing load without your intervention. 

Delivering a high-performing global application

AWS Global Accelerator ensures that your applications remain globally available while improving your application network performance by up to 60%. AGA routes your network traffic to healthy resources at a global scale, resulting in highly available, globally distributed applications. To ensure uninterrupted availability, when there is an availability issue, AGA quickly redirects traffic away from any impaired endpoints within seconds.


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Second Spectrum used AWS Load Balancer Controller and Amazon EKS to cut Kubernetes hosting costs by 90 percent and reduce its maintenance time, increasing staff productivity.

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Skyscanner uses AWS Global Accelerator to effortlessly build resilient, multi-region services. logo uses Application Load Balancer to ensure high availability, scalability, and elasticity as their traffic increases 400% during their annual Hour of Code event.

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Atlassian uses AWS Global Accelerator to provide their millions of users with the highest network performance and reliability - no matter where they are in the world.

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