Amazon Q (Preview)

Your generative AI–powered assistant designed for work that can be tailored to your business

Welcome to a new world of work with Amazon Q

Amazon Q can help you get fast, relevant answers to pressing questions, solve problems, generate content, and take actions using the data and expertise found in your company's information repositories, code, and enterprise systems. When you chat with Amazon Q, it provides immediate, relevant information and advice to help streamline tasks, speed decision-making, and help spark creativity and innovation at work.

Introducing Amazon Q

Areas of expertise

  • Your business
  • Business

    Your business

    Amazon Q can be tailored to your business by connecting it to company data, information, and systems, made simple with more than 40 built-in connectors. Business users—like marketers, project and program managers, and sales representatives, among others—can have tailored conversations, solve problems, generate content, take actions, and more. Amazon Q is aware of which systems they can access, so they can ask detailed, nuanced questions and get tailored results that include only information they are authorized to see.
  • AWS
  • AWS


    Amazon Q is an expert on patterns in the AWS Well-Architected Framework, best practices, documentation, and solution implementations, making it easier and faster for you to explore new services and capabilities, learn unfamiliar technologies, and architect solutions. Amazon Q is available wherever you work with AWS, such as the AWS Management Console, popular IDEs, and more, and it easily fits within your existing workflows to help you accelerate your innovation. You can ask Amazon Q: "What are the ways to build a web application on AWS?" and it will provide a list of potential services like AWS Amplify, AWS Lambda, and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), with the advantages of each and links to getting started resources.
  • Amazon QuickSight
  • QuickSight

    Amazon QuickSight

    Amazon QuickSight is a unified business intelligence (BI) service built for the cloud that offers interactive dashboards, paginated reports, and embedded analytics, plus natural language querying capabilities. Amazon Q in QuickSight enhances business analysts' and business users' productivity using Generative BI capabilities to quickly build compelling visuals, summarize insights, answer data questions, and build data stories using natural language.

  • Amazon Connect
  • Connect

    Amazon Connect

    In Amazon Connect, our contact center service, Amazon Q helps your customer service agents provide better customer service. Amazon Q in Connect uses real-time conversations with the customer along with relevant company content to automatically recommend what to say or what actions an agent should take to better assist customers.

  • AWS Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain

    AWS Supply Chain

    Using Amazon Q in Supply Chain (coming soon), inventory managers, supply and demand planners, and others will be able to ask and get intelligent answers about what is happening in their supply chain, why it is happening, and what actions to take. They will also be able to explore what-if scenarios to understand the trade-offs between different supply chain choices.


Amazon Q is your business expert that can streamline common tasks like summarizing long documents, generating drafts of emails or articles, conducting research on topics, or performing comparative analysis. Amazon Q can even help complete certain tasks, reducing the time that employees spend on repetitive work like filing tickets or creating new cases. Amazon Q is also your AWS expert and can help you with daily tasks, like resolving bugs, or optimize code for higher performance.
You can connect Amazon Q to your company information, code, and system so that it can have tailored conversations, solve problems, generate content, and take actions that are relevant to your business.
Amazon Q understands and respects your existing identities, roles, and permissions and uses this information to personalize its interactions. If a user doesn't have permission to access certain data without Amazon Q, they can't access it using Amazon Q either.
Amazon Q is built with security and privacy in mind to help customers meet their most stringent enterprise needs.