Third-party data solutions for Macroeconomics


Enterprises today are managing through unprecedented economic conditions, market and policy changes. We're working with organizations who make data available to help customers understand these changes and make critical decisions for their business.

Whether you're trying to accurately plan for the election cycle, considering how to return to the office, factory, or classroom safely, or creating new work and learn from home arrangements AWS Data Exchange is here to help.  

Using External Data to Accelerate Business in a Post-Vaccinated World

Explore data sources for macroeconomic research


Using Third-Party Data to Make Smarter Decisions

Created for technical decision-makers and builders, this data insights eBook is a compilation of blogs focused on using data from third-party providers to make informed decisions faster.

Customers Using AWS Data Exchange

"We’re always integrating new data into our research as we look to identify new investment opportunities across asset classes. With AWS Data Exchange, we can put more data into production more quickly, and make better decisions about how we invest our clients’ capital.“

Emil Werr, Head of Data and Analytics, KKR

How Data Mesh Technology Can Help Transform Risk, Finance, and Treasury Functions in Banks

By building a regulatory data mesh from AWS Data Exchange nodes, participants avoid being forced into ongoing lock-step data schema consistency...


Can’t find the data you need? Let us know!

AWS Data Exchange is always looking to recruit new data providers. If you'd like to access a provider that you don't see in the catalog today, please let us know and our team will contact that provider on your behalf.

AWS Data Exchange makes it easy to find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud. We're working with organizations who make data available to help customers make critical decisions for their business as the election and economic conditions cause change. Click here to browse all related data products on AWS Data Exchange. 

If you’re new to AWS Data Exchange, a step-by-step guide to subscribing to data products can be found on this blog, and this blog describes how you can automate the exporting of data from AWS Data Exchange into your own Amazon S3 bucket.

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