Amazon S3 Express One Zone Storage Class

Fastest cloud object storage for performance-critical applications 

Amazon S3 Express One Zone is a high-performance, single-Availability Zone storage class purpose-built to deliver consistent single-digit millisecond data access for your most frequently accessed data and latency-sensitive applications. S3 Express One Zone delivers data access speed up to 10x faster and request costs up to 50% lower than S3 Standard. While you have always been able to choose a specific AWS Region to store your S3 data, with S3 Express One Zone you can select a specific AWS Availability Zone within an AWS Region to store your data. You can choose to co-locate your storage and compute resources in the same Availability Zone to further optimize performance, which helps lower compute costs and run workloads faster. With S3 Express One Zone, data is stored in a different bucket type—an S3 directory bucket—which supports hundreds of thousands of requests per second. Additionally, you can use S3 Express One Zone with services such as Amazon SageMaker Model TrainingAmazon Athena, Amazon EMR, and AWS Glue Data Catalog to accelerate your machine learning and analytics workloads. With S3 Express One Zone, storage automatically scales up or down based on your consumption and need, and you no longer need to manage multiple storage systems for low-latency workloads.

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Accelerate performance-critical applications

Improve access times for applications by up to 10x compared to the Amazon S3 Standard storage class with consistent single-digit millisecond request latency to run performance-intensive workloads faster.

Lower total cost of ownership

With the fastest data access, more efficient use of compute resources, and lower API request costs, you can access your most frequently accessed datasets at a lower overall TCO.

Scale simply without provisioning 

Elastically scale to process millions of requests per minute, without any pre-provisioning or modification of existing applications, and use familiar existing Amazon S3 APIs.

How it works

Get started by creating an S3 directory bucket in the Availability Zone of your choosing. You can choose to co-locate your storage and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), and Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) compute resources to further optimize performance. You can either upload new objects directly into S3 Express One Zone or copy data from other storage classes using the Import button – a fully managed and trackable method of copying existing objects from a general purpose bucket or prefix in the same AWS Region to a directory bucket. Use your directory buckets with artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) services and applications and open source frameworks such as PyTorch to accelerate performance-critical workloads and reduce overall total cost of ownership (TCO) through lower latency, quicker processing times and lower compute costs, and lower API request costs.

How Amazon S3 Express One Zone Works

Use cases

Machine learning and artificial intelligence training

Accelerate model training and development by significantly improving data access speeds to process model datasets more quickly.

Interactive data analytics

Accelerate query speed to gain insights from analytics on petabytes of data through faster processing speed with high-throughput and the lowest latency storage in the cloud.  

High performance computing (HPC)

Complete compute-intensive HPC workloads quickly with fast, highly scalable storage that can be co-located with your compute resources.

Financial modeling

Scale financial models to higher levels of granularity while accelerating overall modeling speed with low request latencies.  

Real-time advertising

Deliver targeted advertising content with single-digit millisecond request latency to help fine-tune personalization and expedite ad delivery in dynamic placements.  

Media content workloads

Respond to ever-shorter visual effects (VFX), rendering, and transcoding timelines with storage that scales with your compute.

Amazon S3 Express One Zone customers



Pinterest is the visual inspiration platform where over 480M people come each month to search, save, and shop the best ideas in the world. Pinterest leverages advanced machine learning models to analyze billions of objects and personalize recommendations for each of its users.

“Machine learning is at the heart of Pinterest and is powered by large scale ML training log collection. To accelerate data ingestion and distribution at Pinterest, we developed MemQ, an ultra-efficient open source PubSub system that powers all our ML training data and leverages Amazon S3 for supercharging data pipelines at 10s of GB/s while staying cost-efficient. During our evaluation of the Amazon S3 Express One Zone storage class with MemQ, we saw latency improvements of over 10x while increasing our data processing transactions per second. Based on this order of magnitude performance improvement, S3 Express One Zone allows us to enable higher velocity data consumption and more frequent experimentations, while significantly reducing infrastructure costs. S3 Express One Zone is creating a paradigm shift making cloud applications more performant, scalable, flexible, and efficient.”

Ambud Sharma, Data Engineering Tech Lead, Pinterest 


Ansatz Capital

Ansatz Capital is a quantitative trading team that leverages world class technologies in combination with some of the brightest technical minds in order to develop and deploy strategies across a wide variety of asset classes and global markets. 

"In high-frequency trading, we train models continuously over extensive amounts of time series data to stay updated with the lightning-fast world of financial markets. We use S3 as a flexible data lake in our research ecosystem, which enables us to trade as quickly as possible. The low request latencies and high performance of the Amazon S3 Express One Zone storage class have made it possible for us to scale our models to higher levels of granularity across assets and points in time, with an overall 78% improvement on workload speeds."

Shiyang Cao, CTO, Ansatz Capital



ClickHouse is the fastest and most resource-efficient open-source database for real-time applications and analytics. ClickHouse Cloud’s cloud-native database-as-a-service runs on AWS.

"ClickHouse Cloud is used for real-time analytics, from observability to market trading data. This demands the highest storage performance at scale, and that’s why we use the Amazon S3 Express One Zone storage class for the hot cache of our data in services powering the most demanding real-time analytical applications. S3 Express One Zone provides consistent single-digit millisecond request latency on hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, enabling ClickHouse Cloud to process data even faster than before. With S3 Express One Zone, we deliver exceptional performance to our users by speeding up queries from any data source and generating analytical reports using SQL queries in real-time. By adding S3 Express One Zone to our architecture, we improved query performance by up to 283% and lowered our overall TCO by 65%.”

Tanya Bragin, VP Product, ClickHouse

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