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Creating a Secure Video Postproduction Solution on AWS Using NICE DCV with Suite Studios

Learn how Suite Studios built a cloud-based postproduction solution for media and entertainment teams using Amazon EC2 and NICE DCV.

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reliably based on AWS use

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customer onboarding achieved alongside rapid developent cycles


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Startup Suite Studios (Suite) set out to break through geographical limitations and eliminate the noncreative aspects of media and entertainment postproduction work by creating a cloud-based solution for teams. The company believes that postproduction studios should be able to focus on creative work and not have to spend time on issues such as remote communication delays, hard drive shipping between collaborators, or reliance on sticky notes to organize a team’s media workflow efforts.

Suite built its solution from the ground up on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The company uses Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), which provides secure and resizable compute capacity for virtually any workload. Suite also uses NICE DCV (DCV), a high-performance remote display protocol that provides customers with a secure way to deliver remote desktops and applications over varying network conditions.

Using AWS, Suite can operate with predictable costs that scale directly with product usage, has achieved customer onboarding in 5 minutes alongside quick development cycles, and has improved staff efficiency. The company has significantly improved postproduction for its customers, so media teams can focus on their creative work and not worry about investing in or managing hardware.

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Opportunity | Using Amazon EC2 and DCV to Create a Cloud-Based Postproduction Solution for Suite Studios

Suite, which is based in Boulder, Colorado, has 40 studio customers and around 425 total users. The company provides cloud-based file storage and remote workstations so customers can work on postproduction tasks, like editing video projects, as if their employees were all in the same location. Suite’s goal was to build a solution that could scale to meet the requirements of demanding video and media-focused projects and could eliminate heavy lifting and noncreative work, such as managing on-premises infrastructure or dealing with the logistics of shipping hard drives.

In early 2022, Suite launched its first product: scalable remote workstations. Throughout the following year, the company improved that solution through an iterative process, and in July 2023, it launched a companion solution for secure file storage. For that solution, Suite uses Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), an object storage service offering scalability, data availability, security, and performance.

“Our company was born on AWS, and it has been an excellent decision for Suite Studios,” says Mike Hering, cofounder and chief technology officer at Suite. “We chose AWS for its performance and reliability at massive scale.” Similar to how Suite handles the heavy lifting so its customers can focus on their creative workflows, the company uses AWS and serverless services to focus on building its products instead of on maintaining servers.

Using Amazon EC2 combined with DCV, Suite offers its customers extremely low latency when interacting with its remote workstations. The company also knew it needed high-performance instances and high-performance display streaming to make a studio in the cloud work for creative teams. “Media and entertainment creatives have some of the strictest and highest performance requirements,” says Hering. To meet those needs, Suite uses DCV, which offers features that are important to its customers, such as multiple monitor support, high color accuracy, and audio and video synchronization. “There were very technical specifics in using Amazon EC2 and DCV, and the AWS support team was critical in helping us resolve challenges,” says Hering. “No matter how technical we needed to get, the AWS support team was always prepared to dive in with us.”


We went cloud native from day one and have leaned in fully to using AWS. Our teams can focus on our business logic. We hit deploy, and it is running.”

Mike Hering
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Suite Studios

Solution | Keeping Costs Predictable and Scaling to Meet Customer Needs

Suite’s solution for postproduction studios includes Amazon DynamoDB—a fully managed, serverless, key-value NoSQL database designed to run high-performance applications at virtually any scale—and AWS Lambda, a serverless, event-driven compute service that lets users run code for virtually any type of application or backend service. The company chose these services because they are serverless and offer a consistent customer experience.

Suite’s solution provides fast, high-performance file storage and virtual workstations that can scale with customer projects and demand. It uses Amazon EC2 to spin up cloud workstations and DCV to give its customers one-click connection to those workstations and access to high-quality streams that support the full media workflow.

By using serverless services, Suite pays only for what it needs, so its costs scale predictably with its usage. The company also uses Amazon EC2 On-Demand Pricing, so it pays for compute capacity by the hour or second with no long-term commitments. When customers power up their workstations, the company has very predictable costs, which scale directly with product usage. Suite further optimizes its costs by using DCV, which is included in Amazon EC2.

The company has also improved staff efficiency, which is especially important for a small engineering team such as Suite’s. “We went cloud native from day one and have leaned in fully to using AWS,” says Hering. “Our teams can focus on our business logic. We hit deploy, and it is running.” The company works more efficiently using AWS. This efficiency has reduced the length of Suite’s development cycle times. As a result, the company can move new products and product iterations to market quickly. “It took 1 year to deliver the studio in the cloud and 1 year to deliver our cloud-native file system” says Hering. “We are very happy with our engineering team and with what we’ve been able to accomplish using AWS.” Suite can also onboard new customers within 5 minutes after receiving a contact.

Outcome | Continuing to Innovate and Support Customers on the Cloud

In its first 2 years of business, Suite grew and iterated its product to better meet customer needs. The company created a unique solution to provide file storage and cloud workstations so that postproduction studios can get started right away, whether the customer is entirely cloud based or has a hybrid solution.

Although Suite is fully cloud based, it is dedicated to supporting both customers that are on the cloud and those who use hybrid solutions. Suite plans to iterate its current products and to develop new products using AWS to continue supporting both cloud-based and hybrid workflow customers.

“Because we host compute and data on massively scalable services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon EC2, and Amazon S3, we achieve ultrahigh performance for creative workloads,” says Hering. “A studio can scale as it needs to and be ready to work from anywhere with a few clicks.”

About Suite Studios

Suite Studios (Suite), a startup based in Boulder, Colorado, provides postproduction teams with a cloud-based studio that scales to meet project needs. The company aims to eliminate heavy lifting for studios so creative teams can focus on creating.

AWS Services Used

Amazon EC2

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) offers the broadest and deepest compute platform, with over 600 instances and choice of the latest processor, storage, networking, operating system, and purchase model to help you best match the needs of your workload.

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NICE DCV is a high-performance remote display protocol that provides customers with a secure way to deliver remote desktops and application streaming from any cloud or data center to any device, over varying network conditions.

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Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service offering industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance.

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Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed, serverless, key-value NoSQL database designed to run high-performance applications at any scale.

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