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AWS Partners for Supply Chain provide professional services and cloud-native supply-chain solutions on AWS for companies of every size and segment to enhance their responsiveness to customers, strengthen their resilience to disruptions, and become more responsible to the environment and global community.

The AWS Competency Partner Program is designed to identify, validate, and promote AWS Partners with demonstrated AWS technical expertise and proven customer success. The AWS Competency Partner Program has validated that the partners below have demonstrated they can help customers migrate applications and legacy infrastructure to AWS.

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Platforms that enable the management of the supply chain. These include business rules management, performance management, data management, resource management, facilities management, contract management, supply chain network management, regulatory compliance management, risk management, and supply chain procurement.


Platforms that enable the activities associated with the conversion of materials of the creation of content for services. These include assembly, chemical processing, maintenance, repair, overhaul, recycling, refurbishment, manufacturing, and other common types of material-conversion of processes.


Platforms that support the supply chain activities associated with the creation, maintenance and fulfillment of customer order including receiving, validating, creating customer orders, scheduling order deliveries, picking, packing, shipping, and invoicing customers.


Platforms for demand and supply planning and management that includes balancing supply chain resources with business requirements and determining communication along the entire chain.

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