AWS Elemental MediaConnect Gateway

Transmit compressed live video between on-premises multicast environments and AWS

Simplify integration of on-premises multicast video network with the cloud

Manage on-premises infrastructure without the need for third-party tools

View, monitor, and control your video feeds from the AWS Management Console or using the API

Onboard live video workflows to the cloud in just a few clicks

AWS Elemental MediaConnect Gateway explained (1:43)
Introduction to AWS Elemental MediaConnect Gateway
AWS Elemental MediaConnect Gateway is a cloud-connected software application for transmitting multicast live streams using AWS, sending video to and from your customer-managed multicast infrastructure. MediaConnect Gateway sends a multicast feed from your network operations center as unicast, transporting the video to AWS Elemental MediaConnect. MediaConnect Gateway simplifies building live video workflows in hybrid environments by providing support, monitoring, and control – all in one service.

How it works

Use cases

Share video with affiliates

Manage and deliver live video feeds to MediaConnect Gateway instances in affiliate or rights-holder data centers.

Contribute to Media Services

Send live video to the cloud for processing and delivery with AWS Media Services.

Distribute video around the globe

Build sophisticated distribution networks that span hundreds or even thousands of end points globally.


AWS Elemental MediaConnect Gateway software is available at no cost. Customers need to supply their own hardware and use Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) Anywhere to run a container in their on-premises infrastructure. Please visit the Amazon ECS Anywhere pricing page for more information. In addition, MediaConnect transport stream flow and data transfer charges apply.

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