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Betterfly Optimizes Dynamic Insurance Using API Gateway

Learn how Betterfly simplifies group protection and benefits management and encourages daily positive habits using a digital solution built on AWS.

5% reduction

in costs month over month

40–50% improvement

in run rate

Scaled to accommodate

expansion to 8 countries in 1 year


retention rate for customers


Betterfly is revolutionizing how employers offer personalized group insurance and benefits, using technology to simplify insurance and benefits management and to incentivize daily positive habits among employees. Originally launched as a consumer application called Burn to Give, the company has run on Amazon Web Services (AWS) since its inception.

The company sought to streamline its architecture as it pivoted to corporate clients and quickly achieved a $1 billion valuation. On AWS, Betterfly is growing its operations globally while reducing costs by 5 percent month over month. The company efficiently manages data on AWS, driving the development of new features to engage the employees of its corporate customers. Betterfly also uses AWS to centralize access to third-party applications that support the company’s emphasis on wellness.

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Opportunity | Scaling to Accommodate Exponential Growth While Managing Costs for Betterfly

Well-known Chilean businessman and triathlete Eduardo della Maggiora founded Burn to Give in 2018, intertwining the core values of profitability, health, and social impact. Consumers used the Burn to Give application to track their exercise in exchange for corresponding corporate donations of meals to malnourished people. As a startup, the company received expert support and substantial credits toward the use of AWS services as part of the AWS Activate Startup Program, which provides startups with the resources they need to build, launch, and scale on AWS. In 2020, the company continued to use AWS as it pivoted to a business-to-business model and changed its name to Betterfly.

Betterfly provides companies with a single access point to deliver preventive services, dynamic life insurance, and a digital currency that gamifies users’ motivation to care for themselves. Betterfly users grow their insurance benefits in response to the healthy habits they build through the use of third-party applications that track meditation, sleep, and other healthy behaviors. They also earn Better Coins, a digital currency that they can exchange for charitable donations.

In February 2021, Betterfly successfully relaunched its application and sought to manage costs as operations scaled rapidly with a corresponding increase in the amount of data, which reached about 1 TB per year. “We have always considered ourselves a data-driven company,” says Arturo Tagle, director of engineering at Betterfly. “Data is one of our biggest assets.” Betterfly’s potential customers closely examine its data privacy and security protocols. “We have some very large corporate clients that perform tough due diligence before getting Betterfly for their employees,” says Andrés Liberman, chief information officer at Betterfly. “We just tell them that AWS is our cloud provider. They know that AWS is secure.”


We have built our architecture on top of AWS, scaling and contracting in multiple dimensions as our product evolves.”

Andrés Liberman
Chief Information Officer, Betterfly

Solution | Cutting Costs by 5% per Month Over Month Using a Streamlined Architecture on AWS

By the end of 2022, Betterfly had expanded to serve more than 4,000 corporate clients in eight countries. “That big launch to many countries happened in the course of a year,” says Liberman. “And it would have been very, very hard without the support of AWS.” For example, Betterfly expanded to an additional AWS Region so that it could use a service unavailable locally: Amazon Aurora, a MySQL- and PostgreSQL-compatible database built for the cloud.

To handle all of the tasks involved in accepting and processing API calls, Betterfly turned to Amazon API Gateway, a fully managed service that makes it simple for developers to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs at any scale. Using Amazon API Gateway, Betterfly connects users’ mobile phones, wearable devices, third-party applications, and client dashboards to backend resources on AWS. “When the right APIs are built and the technology is correct, users connect to other applications while they stay in Betterfly,” says Tagle. “The advantage is happy users who have a virtually frictionless experience.”

Betterfly further simplifies the backend through the use of AWS Glue, a serverless data integration service that makes it simple to discover, prepare, move, and integrate data from multiple sources for analytics, machine learning (ML), and application development. Using AWS Glue, Betterfly automates the movement of data from its databases into a data warehouse built on Amazon Redshift, which lets organizations run and scale analytics in seconds without having to manage the data warehouse infrastructure. Betterfly also built a data lake using Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), an object storage service offering industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance.

Betterfly uses its data to train ML models using Amazon SageMaker, which lets organizations build, train, and deploy ML models for any use case with fully managed infrastructure, tools, and workflows. The company has been developing ML models that push personalized recommendations to users. “Using Amazon SageMaker, it has been really simple to integrate the data into the models and then to push the models to production,” says Tagle.

Betterfly builds observability into its cloud operations using Amazon CloudWatch, which collects and visualizes near-real-time logs, metrics, and event data in automated dashboards to streamline infrastructure and application maintenance. Betterfly acts upon the data it collects through Datadog, an AWS Partner that connects seamlessly to Amazon CloudWatch to present a unified view of Betterfly’s entire technology stack.

Improved observability has helped to drive cost savings. “We started to see the natural inefficiencies of exponential growth,” says Liberman. “When we see our architecture working, it feeds back to the design. We can prioritize certain services and optimize costs according to traffic and volume.” In fact, Betterfly has cut costs by 5 percent month over month as it worked alongside AWS to improve its run rate by 40–50 percent.

Outcome | Increasing Engagement to Encourage Healthy Behaviors

Betterfly has become a unique solution for large enterprises as well as for small and medium-sized businesses, many of which have been able to access group protection for the first time. Using Betterfly, insurance companies can increase engagement among employers and employees, which helps to increase retention rates. Additionally, Betterfly plans to expand to additional countries and add other types of insurance, such as supplemental health insurance and pet insurance.

“A multitude of factors help Betterfly to exist today: mobile phones, high-speed internet, and health-tracking devices,” says Liberman. “We have built our architecture on top of AWS, scaling and contracting in multiple dimensions as our product evolves.”

About Betterfly

Launched in 2018 as the consumer application Burn to Give, Betterfly provides 4,000 corporations in eight countries with a single access point to deliver insurance solutions and benefits to employees.

AWS Services Used

Amazon Aurora

Amazon Aurora provides built-in security, continuous backups, serverless compute, up to 15 read replicas, automated multi-Region replication, and integrations with other AWS services.

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Amazon SageMaker

Amazon SageMaker is built on Amazon’s two decades of experience developing real-world ML applications, including product recommendations, personalization, intelligent shopping, robotics, and voice-assisted devices.

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Amazon API Gateway

Amazon API Gateway is a fully managed service that makes it easy for developers to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs at any scale.

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Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift uses SQL to analyze structured and semi-structured data across data warehouses, operational databases, and data lakes, using AWS-designed hardware and machine learning to deliver the best price performance at any scale.

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