With Amazon Translate, you pay-as-you-go based on the number of text characters, including white space characters, that are translated per month. It’s easy to get started with the Amazon Translate Free Tier. Upon signup, translate up to 2M characters monthly - free for up 12 months.

Amazon Translate provides Real-Time Translations, Batch Translation, Active Custom Translation, and Real-Time document translations. With Amazon Translate, you pay-as-you-go based on the number of characters of text that you processed. Amazon Translate also offers a free tier for some of its translation services.

  • Free tier: As part of the AWS Free Tier, you can get started with Amazon Translate for free. The Amazon Translate Free Tier is offered for some translation services and available to you for 12 months, starting from the date of your first translation request. Your usage for the Free Tier is calculated each month across all AWS Regions and automatically applied to your bill; unused monthly usage will not roll over. Restrictions apply; see offer terms for more details. When your free usage expires or if your application use exceeds the free usage tier, you simply pay standard, pay-as-you-go service rates.
  • Batch Document Translation: Translate a large collection of documents stored in a folder in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket. Asynchronous batch operations are particularly useful for translating large collection of documents with one API call, when the application doesn't need a real-time response. Batch translate supports the translation of Txt, HTML, DOCx, PPTx, XLSx, Xliff files.
  • Standard Text Translation: Create high-quality, affordable and customizable machine translation in real-time across 75 languages.
  • Real-Time Document Translation: Translate document in real-time while preserving the source formatting of the document. Real-Time document translate supports the translation of Txt, HTML, DOCx files.
  • Active Custom Translation: Customize your translated output without the need to build and maintain a custom translation model. Simply provide translation examples called parallel data (PD) along with your batch translation job request and Amazon Translate will use these examples to customize the translation output during runtime.

Translation Type


Free Tier

Standard Text Translation

$15.00 per million characters

2 million characters per month for 12 months

Batch Document Translation

$15.00 per million characters

Real-Time Document Translation (Text & HTML)

$15.00 per million characters

No Free Tier for this service

Real-Time Document Translation (Docx)

$30.00 per million characters

No Free Tier for this service

Active Custom Translation

$60.00 per million characters

500,000 characters per month for 2 months

Amazon Translate provides 200 GB free parallel data storage for every account. Customers pay $0.023 per GB per month for excess data stored. For sustained usage greater than 1 billion characters a month, please contact us for volume discount.

Pricing examples

Translation Examples

Text Length

Standard Translation Cost

Active Custom Translation Cost

1,000 requests, 1,000 characters per request

1M characters



Average email message

~3.1K characters



Typical news article

~6.5K characters



Universal Declaration of Human Rights
(Guinness World Record for most translated document)

~10.7K characters



Andersen's Fairy Tales
(One of the world's most translated book)

~361.3K characters



Company Website:
-    Average length of a webpage: 20k characters
-    Number of pages per website: 100

2M characters per website



Animated video:
-    Average length of a single narration text: 100 characters
-    Number of narration texts per animated production: 25

2.5K characters per animation



Conversational application:
-    Average spoken response length: 100 characters
-    Requests per user per month: 300

30K characters per user per month



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