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Check out the Amazon Translate Getting Started page for documentation, tutorials, how-to videos, code samples, and SDKs.


What is Amazon Translate? (1:29)
Episode 1: Introduction to Amazon Translate and Neural Machine Translation (6:17)
Episode 2a: Real-time Translation with Amazon Translate (3:22)
Episode 2b: Batch translation of documents with Amazon Translate (5:10)
Episode 3: How to Customize your Translation Output with Amazon Translate (13:39)
Episode 4: Build a Translation Solution (12:21)
AWS re:Invent 2020: Share information by removing language barriers with Amazon Translate (30:45)
Building a scalable, customizable language translation solution using AWS AI services (40:19)
Translate, analyze, and redact text fields using SQL queries in Amazon Athena (9:11)
Automate for Efficiency with Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Translate - AWS Online Tech Talks (29:53)

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