Announcing 15 Free Digital Training Courses on New AWS Services Launched at re:Invent 2018

Posted on: Dec 19, 2018

We are excited to announce the addition of 15 free, new, individually available digital courses to our online training portfolio. Launched at AWS re:Invent 2018, these 10-minute video courses introduce services for machine learning (ML), satellite communications, global services, medical data analytics, and more. These 15 courses are also grouped together in a free new digital curriculum called AWS re:Invent 2018 New Services.

In alphabetical order, here are descriptions of these new courses:

Introduction to Amazon Comprehend Medical discusses a new service that uses deep learning and natural language processing to extract entities from medical text and notes—which helps you improve patient outcome, provide research insights, and reduce costs.

Introduction to Amazon CloudWatch Log Insights introduces a new service offering fully managed, highly scalable log analytics capabilities in Amazon CloudWatch.

Introduction to Amazon Elastic Inference focuses on a new service for Amazon SageMaker and Amazon EC2 that enables you to add hardware acceleration to your ML inference in fractional sizes of a full GPU instance.

Introduction to Amazon Forecast discusses how this new service improves the accuracy of time-series forecasting by considering additional variables and external factors as opposed to traditional models.

Introduction to Amazon FSx for Lustre shows how a new service makes it easy and cost-effective for AWS customers to launch and run a Lustre high performance file system for their data-intensive applications.

Introduction to Amazon FSx for Windows File Server discusses a new service that makes it easy for developers and administrators to launch and use shared file storage for Windows applications.

Introduction to Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Java Applications showcases a new functionality that allows developers to use their own Java code to create powerful real-time applications that process streaming data.

Introduction to Amazon Personalize covers the fundamentals of a new service that makes it easy for ML developers to create individualized recommendations for customers using their applications.

Introduction to Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth focuses on a new service that helps you cleanly and automatically label data for your machine learning data sets, while providing a managed experience for your end-to-end data labeling jobs.

Introduction to Amazon SageMaker Neo introduces a new ML capability that enables developers to deploy ML models from multiple frameworks to multiple platforms in the cloud and at the edge.

Introduction to AWS Elemental MediaConnect provides a brief overview of how this new service enables contribution of high-quality live video streams into the AWS Cloud, replication of these live video streams to build sophisticated video workflows, and more.

Introduction to AWS Global Accelerator highlights how this new service can provide a stronger and more robust architecture through the use of accelerator IP addresses that sit in front of your application.

Introduction to AWS Ground Station introduces a new service that enables you to connect satellites in space to the AWS Cloud, making satellite communications more manageable and less expensive.

Introduction to AWS Marketplace - Machine Learning Category discusses how the addition of this new category of over 100 curated ML algorithms and model packages can help you avoid the undifferentiated heavy lifting involved in creating a model or algorithm from scratch.

Introduction to AWS Security Hub shows how a new service helps you understand and manage your overall security and compliance posture in the AWS Cloud.

You can find these and other free digital training courses on AWS services at You can also learn more about our new ML training offerings at