Posted On: Aug 27, 2020

Today we are announcing the launch of a second Local Zone in Los Angeles (LA), California. You can now design your applications to run in both Local Zones in LA to achieve high availability and even greater fault-tolerance. Both Local Zones in LA are interconnected with high-bandwidth, low-latency networking, over fully redundant, dedicated metro fiber providing high-throughput, low-latency networking between them. 

AWS Local Zones bring AWS infrastructure along with compute, storage, and other select services closer to you, giving you the ability to run applications on AWS that require single-digit millisecond latency to your end-users. To start deploying applications in LA, simply enable the Local Zones from the “Zone Settings” section of the EC2 Console or ModifyAvailabilityZoneGroup API.

You can run your latency-sensitive applications in the LA Local Zones using AWS services such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, Amazon Elastic Block Store, Amazon FSx, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon EMR, and Amazon Relational Database Service. And you can also seamlessly connect your applications to the full range of services in the AWS US West (Oregon) Region through the same APIs and tool sets.

To learn more, please refer to our blog or visit the AWS Local Zones website.