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Unmatched cloud capabilities and partner opportunities to help customers reinvent first-party data platforms, data sharing, advertising platforms, advertising intelligence, and customer experience in the post-identifier era

How four leading businesses optimized real-time advertising performance

Achieving optimal price performance and accelerating innovation with real-time advertising on AWS

The deprecation of consumer identifiers and expansion of data privacy laws disrupted decades-old technology for advertising and marketing, with companies reinventing how they collect, share, enrich, and activate customer data in compliance with privacy laws. To accelerate advertising and marketing transformation in the post-identifier era, AWS enables industry customers to reinvent first-party data platforms, third-party data sharing, advertising platforms, advertising intelligence, and customer experience with unmatched compute, machine learning, and analytics capabilities—along with interoperability with the largest community of partners on the most widely adopted cloud. With AWS, industry customers can easily identify the right cloud technology and partnership opportunities to innovate faster, optimize cost-performance, improve interoperability, and grow revenue for advertising and marketing technology workloads running at millisecond latency and petabyte scale.

The Trade Desk Transforms Its Real-time Bidding Strategy With AWS

Customers reinventing advertising and marketing technology with AWS

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  • Nielsen
  • Nielsen

    Nielsen migrated its National Television Audience Measurement platform to AWS and built a new, cloud-native television rating platform that allowed the company to grow its measurement capabilities from measuring 40,000 households daily to more than 30 million households each day. 

    "Working with AWS and the services they provide allows us to do all of that at a much faster pace, with much greater velocity than we could have ever achieved before." 

    Scott Brown, General Manager of TV & Audio - Nielsen

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  • HubSpot
  • HubSpot

    HubSpot chose AWS as its preferred public cloud provider, using AWS to support 450+ micro services, delivering features ranging from email delivery to automated marketing workflows.

    “Scale and the ability to innovate at a faster rate are immensely important for our business, which is why we chose to take a cloud-first approach with AWS, making it our preferred cloud provider.”

    Brad Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer - HubSpot

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  • Salesforce
  • Salesforce

    Salesforce CDP developed and launched its Customer Data Platform (CDP), Salesforce CDP, to provide marketers with a detailed view of their consumers using AWS to accelerate deployments in weeks instead of months or years, and reduce compute costs for scaled data processing by 62%. 

    “AWS offers these unique capabilities like Graviton2 instances and Amazon EC2 Spot instances that save us a lot of money when we do large-scale data processing.”

    Muralidhar Krishnaprasad, Senior Vice President of Engineering - Salesforce

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  • The Trade Desk
  • The Trade Desk

    The Trade Desk shifted their real-time bidding strategy to the cloud in 2019, building 3 real-time bidding sites on AWS. The company cut production deployment to 1-3 weeks, compared to 3-6 months for a physical data center, and saw “much more agility,” said Zak Stengel, senior vice president of engineering for The Trade Desk. The company processes 30 million events per second on AWS for real-time advertising with m5d.metal and i3en instances running Aerospike for its cold storage of user profiles. 

    "The elasticity that we get from using Amazon EC2 has been really helpful for allowing us to scale up and down as we need to.” 

    Matt Cochran, Director of Engineering - The Trade Desk

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  • TripleLift
  • Triplelift

    TripleLift invented a solution for product placement in TV shows that identifies locations and surface areas in video and TV content using AWS machine learning capabilities; creating a new revenue source via real-time ad insertion. 

    “AWS solutions can do the work in about half the time it would take a human to do so manually. Now our creative team has more time to do creative work, not just watch videos.” 

    Luis Bracamontes, Computer Vision and ML Engineer - TripleLift

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Innovate faster

With AWS, advertising and marketing technology companies can innovate faster using the broadest capabilities for compute, analytics, and machine learning to reinvent first-party data platforms, data sharing, advertising science, and customer experience in the post-identifier era.

Optimize cost-performance

With the fastest processors in the cloud, the largest global network footprint, and more sizes and types of compute than any cloud provider, the unmatched breadth of AWS infrastructure capabilities creates more opportunities to optimize costs on scaled advertising and marketing technology workloads than anywhere else.

Improve interoperability

With tens of thousands of data lakes running on Amazon S3 today and the largest partner community of any cloud provider, the leadership position of AWS enables marketers, publishers, agencies, advertising, and marketing technology companies to more easily collaborate together to join, activate, measure, and analyze shared data.

Explore solution areas for advertising and marketing technology

Healthcare Solutions

First-party data platforms

Unify first-party data to create a 360-degree view of the customer that drives audience segmentation, ad targeting, and attribution in the post-identifier world.

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Biopharma Solutions

Data sharing & interoperability

Enable privacy-safe data sharing & interoperability of identifiers across the largest partner community on the most widely adopted cloud.

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Genomics Solutions

Advertising intelligence

Innovate faster for the post-cookie era with the broadest analytics and machine learning capabilities in the cloud.

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Healthcare Solutions

Advertising platforms

Run ultra-low latency advertising workloads with cloud-only optimizations and unmatched cost-performance.

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Healthcare Solutions

Customer experience

Create connected experiences at scale by automating, delivering, and analyzing billions of personalized messages and offers per day.

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Grow revenue with unmatched partner opportunities

With the largest partner community and tens of thousands of data lakes running on AWS today, the cloud leadership position of AWS enables marketers, publishers, agencies, and technology companies to more easily connect with partners to join, analyze, activate, and measure shared data with flexibility and interoperability. AWS also enables more revenue-driving partner opportunities for advertising and marketing technology companies, including integrations and distribution channels via AWS Partner Network, AWS Data Exchange, AWS Marketplace, and Amazon Advertising.

"Brands and platforms want to connect, control, and activate data quickly and securely across the marketing ecosystem, but are faced with security concerns and ecosystem latency, making it difficult to connect and take action on customer data. With LiveRamp Embedded Transcoder service on AWS Marketplace, customers can deploy LiveRamp identity services into their VPC to unlock translation services while maintaining control of their data. The solution increases the speed of data delivery, data collaboration, and activation to support marketing use cases while abiding by privacy and security standards."

Lisa Cramer, Product Manager for Embedded Products, LiveRamp

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For customers looking to accelerate time to market, the AWS Partner Network (APN) offers a dedicated partner competency for Digital Customer Experience, including 47 Technology Partners and 19 Consulting Partners.

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