Streaming Data Solution for Amazon Kinesis

Capture, store, process, and deliver real-time streaming data


The Streaming Data Solution for Amazon Kinesis comes with four deployment options and their accompanying AWS CloudFormation templates that are configured to apply best practices for streaming data, including data monitoring through dashboards and alarms, as well as data security.

Streaming data must be durably captured by massively scalable storage that is capable of handling high data volume from data producers. A producer can be thousands of data sources, each generating streaming data continuously and which typically submits records simultaneously and in small sizes (kilobytes). This AWS Solution helps you manage, secure, and store a wide variety of streaming data, such as log files generated by your customers using mobile or web applications. It also supports streaming data from ecommerce purchases, in-game player activity, information from social networks, financial trading floors, or geospatial services and telemetry from connected devices or instrumentation in data centers.

Use cases for this AWS Solution
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Automated configuration
Automatically configure the AWS services necessary to easily capture, store, process, and deliver streaming data.
Four template options
Choose from four different AWS CloudFormation template options. Test new service combinations for your production environment and improve existing applications.
Customizable source code
Customize the Solution's boilerplate code, and then use the monitoring capabilities to quickly transition from testing to production.

Technical details

You can automatically deploy this architecture using the implementation guide and the four accompanying AWS CloudFormation templates.

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