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How Fidelity maximizes the value of its cloud spend

Hear how Fidelity discovered the value of its KPIs, and what they learned over the past 4 years throughout their journey. They will explain how they started with the simple, evolved through learnings, and moving into the more complex. Hear where they think the future will take them.

Fidelity’s KPI Journey

As one of the world’s largest financial services firms, Fidelity Investments, Inc., recognized that the cloud could increase the overall value delivered to its customers and its overall business. With over 4,800 applications on public cloud today, it has a goal to have 70% of its workloads on the cloud by 2024. 

Coming from a central IT organization, they wanted to enable all their business units to adopt the cloud at scale securely, safely, and in the most cost effective manner possible. With dual sponsorship from the head of Cloud Operations and Finance, Fidelity established a strong FinOps practice that fostered a collective responsibility for maximizing the value of its IT spend. After establishing their FinOps practice, the question became: how do we measure our effectiveness? Fidelity landed on 5 key areas they could progressively focus on, to ensure they got the most value out of every dollar spent in the cloud.

About Fidelity Investments

Fidelity helps over ~40 million people feel more confident in their most important financial goals, manage employee benefit programs for nearly 23,000 businesses, and support more than 3,600 advisory firms with innovative investment and technology solutions to grow their businesses. With governance and security as top priorities for this diversified financial services firm that serves millions of customers daily, Fidelity uses AWS services and processes to operate efficiently and securely at scale.

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