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Grupo Boticário accelerates digital transformation with Cloud Financial Management

Hear how and why Grupo Boticário implemented CFM best practices from the very beginning of its cloud migration journey. They’ll break down the challenges they encountered and the solutions they implemented to move from a 100% on-premises structure in July 2021, to having 100% of its critical applications on the cloud by the end of 2023.

Why CFM from the beginning of the cloud journey?

With over 40 years of operations, Grupo Boticário gathers more than 4,000 own points-of-sale and is present in around 40,000 points-of-sale with its different brands. Today, it holds the largest e-commerce operation in Brazil. It began its 3-year cloud migration plan, recognizing that consolidating digital operations would be critical to creating customizable solutions with speed, elasticity, and agility.

The Group relied on a FinOps team from the beginning. Having a dedicated team that looked at cost optimization not only created organizational understanding of CFM best practices from the start, but improved cost control, increased overall efficiency, established cost allocation and ownership, and helped align cloud usage against the company’s business goals.

Hear more about how Grupo Boticário used CFM to address specific migration challenges and accelerate its successful digital transformation.

About Grupo Boticário

Based in Brazil, Grupo Boticário is one of the 15 largest beauty companies in the world, selling more than 350 million beauty products a year in its nearly 4,000 stores in Brazil and its locations in 15 other countries. Started in 1977 as a small prescription drugstore, Grupo Boticário has grown into a company with a global distribution of multiple brands. To meet its diverse consumer profiles, the Group develops over ten brands marketed by eight distribution channels. Its ecosystem currently includes factories, distribution centers, own stores, financial solutions, and online and offline operations. All that is being integrated in order to build the largest beauty ecosystem worldwide, offering consumers the experience they deserve.

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