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How Sportsbet drives cloud cost ownership, optimization, and maturity

In this CFM Peer Connect session, Sportsbet shares how hear they built the foundations for managing application costs to drive cloud cost visibility and ownership. They discuss how they continue to engage teams to drive stakeholder buy-in on cost optimization initiatives as they mature across their cost management journey.

Sportsbet creates cost management culture and capabilities

Between 2018 and 2020, Sportsbet undertook an aggressive cloud migration to reduce the cost of ownership and operational overhead of data centers, move to a product delivery-based mindset, and benefit from the scale AWS enables. One of their first steps was to revisit early account structure to provide a manageable solution before migrating ‘everything to the cloud’. Originally, there were multiple team environments in accounts with no clear ownership of resources/applications. To create a foundation for cost management, they implemented and enforced tagging and cost allocation strategies to establish cost visibility, accountability, and ownership.

Throughout its cost management journey, Sportsbet recognized the importance of continuing to engage its teams, securing buy-in on cost optimization initiatives, and creating a cost management mindset amidst competing priorities. Sportsbet shares how being able to identify and associate ownership with cloud costs helps drive its forecasting and budgeting processes with confidence, while factoring in sporting seasonality, analysis of cost and usage data, and maturing across its cost management journey.

About Sportsbet

Sportsbet is an online gambling company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 1993, the company serves over 1.7 million active users and offers betting services online, through its mobile app, and over the telephone. Each year, customers make roughly 300 million bets on horse racing, rugby, football, and other sporting events using the Sportsbet site. 

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