In December 1985, the Center for Financial Industry Information Systems (FISC) established security guidelines for using computer systems in banking and related financial institutions. These guidelines, known as FISC Security Guidelines, are broadly recognized and used by many Japanese financial institutions in the architecture and operation of their computer systems.

The Financial Services Agency’s (FSA) Financial Inspection Manual lists the FISC Security Guidelines as a document that inspectors can reference while conducting inspections at financial institutions.

For more information, see the following resources:

  • AWS information on the FISC Security Guidelines (8th Edition):

                Download the Japanese Version

                Download the English Version

  • AWS information on the FISC Security Guidelines (Revised Supplements to the 8th Edition):

                Download the Japanese Version

The FISC Security Guidelines include a wide range of measures for the categories of Facility Guidelines, Operational Guidelines and Technical Guidelines. When customers use the AWS environment, it is necessary to review and clarify the responsibility on measures to be performed by AWS and by customers based on the Shared Responsibility Model according to each requirement. The following AWS solution providers’ websites provide information about review points and measures summarized based on the Shared Responsibility Model. For more information on AWS Partners, visit the AWS Partner Network.

AWS Security References for Financial Institutions

  • Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.
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