IRS Publication 1075



Internal Revenue Service Publication 1075 (IRS Pub 1075) provides guidance for US government agencies and their agents to protect Federal Tax Information (FTI).

While the IRS does not publish an official designation or certification for compliance with Pub 1075, AWS supports organizations to protect FTI managed in AWS by aligning our implementations of NIST 800-53 and FedRAMP security controls with the respective IRS Pub 1075 security requirements. AWS has worked closely with the IRS to ensure that the AWS GovCloud (US) and AWS US East-West regions meet Pub 1075 requirements for storing and processing FTI.

AWS offers the following FedRAMP compliant systems that have been granted authorizations, have addressed the FedRAMP security controls (based on NIST SP 800-53), have used the required FedRAMP templates for the security packages posted in the secure FedRAMP Repository, have been assessed by an accredited independent third party assessor (3PAO) and maintain continuous monitoring requirements of FedRAMP:

AWS GovCloud (US) has been granted a Joint Authorization Board Provisional Authority-To-Operate (JAB P-ATO) and multiple Agency Authorizations (A-ATO) for high impact level. For a complete list of authorizing agencies who have issued an ATO on AWS GovCloud (US), please visit FedRAMP Compliant Systems.

AWS US East-West has been granted multiple Agency ATOs for moderate impact level. For a complete list of authorizing agencies who have issued an ATO on AWS US East-West please visit FedRAMP Compliant Systems.

For more information on FedRAMP and AWS, please visit the AWS FedRAMP page

For more information about IRS 1075, please visit:

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