Find documentation and other resources to help you start building serverless applications using the AWS Serverless Application Model. 


AWS SAM Developer Guide

Learn how to create and test your serverless applications, and how to automate deployments

SAM CLI Command Reference

Review SAM CLI commands and learn how you can use them

Examples on GitHub

Find examples of API backends, IoT backends, stream processing applications, and more

Twitch Streams, Tech Talks, and Tutorials

Live coding session on Twitch: Get Started with AWS SAM
Tech Talk: Author, Build, and Deploy Serverless Apps using AWS SAM
Getting Started Tutorial: Build a Serverless App using Best Practices
Webinar: Tips and Tricks for Deploying Serverless Apps

Blog Posts

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Amazon API Gateway

Learn how you can process hundreds of thousands of concurrent API calls, manage traffic, control authorization and access, and monitor your APIs

Amazon DynamoDB

Learn about the NoSQL database that offers consistent, single-digit millisecond latency at any scale, in document and key-value store models

Amazon Kinesis

Learn how to load and analyze streaming data, and how to build custom streaming data applications

AWS Lambda

Learn how to run code without thinking about servers—and only pay when your code is running

AWS Serverless Application Repository

Deploy pre-built applications built with AWS SAM or publish and share your own, publicly or privately

AWS Serverless Computing and Applications

Learn about the AWS Serverless Computing platform’s capabilities, use cases, and reference architectures

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