Aldec, Inc. has more than 30 years of history providing hardware and software solutions for electronic and semiconductor design and verification, and for FPGA-accelerated computing. Aldec products are used by thousands of customers in defense, aerospace, avionics, telecommunications, and other safety-critical industries. “F1 instances provide us with a new, scalable and cloud-based alternative for offering verification, emulation, and accelerated computing solutions for our global customers,” said Dr. Stanley M. Hyduke, CEO of Aldec. “By offering cloud-based version of our Riviera-PRO hardware simulator and our HES-DVM emulation software, we will be able to provide hardware and software teams developing the latest FPGA, SoC, ASIC, and IoT products a faster and lower cost way to verify systems-on-chip, and get hardware-accelerated applications to market faster and with higher quality.”

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Aon Benfield is a reinsurance intermediary and full-service capital advisor, offering their clients industry-leading catastrophe management, actuarial, rating agency advisory and risk and capital strategy expertise. Aon Benfield helps clients fully consider the capital, income, and rating agency implications of various risk transfer transactions. Aon Benfield’s PathWise Solutions Group, through its appropriately licensed entities, helps life insurance companies around the world manage their complex life insurance product risks by providing them with consulting services, a high performance computing software solution called PathWise, and investment advisory services where applicable. “There is a growing need for faster, more efficient financial modeling and reporting,” said Peter Phillips, President of the PathWise Solutions Group. “We rely daily on the power of thousands of CPUs and GPUs to run massively parallel stochastic simulations to drive mission critical risk analysis. Based on our experience with FPGAs, we anticipate using EC2 F1 instances on AWS will dramatically reduce the completion time for our simulations, and allow us to deliver even more value to our customers in the future.”

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Atomic Rules uses advanced methods and tools combined with decades of experience to help solve communication and computation challenges. We provide our clients with effective solutions to problems involving interconnection networks and reconfigurable computing. Our practice employs scalable, rule-based methods to tackle complex concurrency among heterogeneous processors. Amazon EC2 F1 enables the democratization of access to a truly high-performance FGPA platform. With F1 Atomic Rules is accelerating the pace of innovation at scale and is now offering design services to clients seeking an F1 cloud presence; In addition, Atomic Rules develops its own F1 applications by by adapting its existing network processing IP to the F1. 

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CME Group is one of the world's leading derivatives marketplace offering risk management solutions, including futures and options, equity indexes, foreign exchange, energy, agricultural products, and metals. “Large-scale financial clearing risk management is essential to delivering value for our customers,” said Kevin Kometer, Chief Information officer, Chief Information Officer, CME Group. “CME Group has long been an innovator in the use of accelerated computing, for the clearning risk management of increasingly complex instruments, including extensive research into FPGAs. Amazon EC2 F1 instances will allow us to substantially accelerate rate of innovation of risk analysis for our customers, while delivering greater cost efficiency relative to using traditional IT infrastructure.”

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“While the cost of genome sequencing has decreased significantly, major hurdles continue to be lengthy analysis times and costly infrastructure for the massive amounts of genomic data generated, hindering clinical use, research and collaboration. We have developed DRAGEN™, the world’s first bioinformatics processor that uses a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) to provide hardware-accelerated implementations of genome pipeline algorithms, genome data compression, and has been shown to speed whole genome data analysis from hours to minutes, while maintaining high accuracy and reducing costs,” said Pieter van Rooyen, Ph.D., chief executive officer of Edico Genome. “With AWS’s new FPGA Amazon EC2’s F1 instances and our upcoming DRAGEN™ Amazon FPGA Image, we are able to offer oura genomics platform to existing Edico and AWS customers, hospitals, academic institutions and sequencing centers that enables real-time genomic analysis and data compression, cost savings and seamless and secure cloud deployment. This could be transformative for cancer patients waiting on test results, newborns in neonatal intensive care units where doctors race against time for answers, or expectant parents undergoing genetic testing.

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Falcon Computing Solutions (Falcon) is a leader in FPGA based acceleration. Our offerings for hardware acceleration using Amazon EC2 F1 instances are focused on three key areas:
Tools: Our products enable software engineers to quickly access the potential of FPGA acceleration on F1 instances, without being experts in FPGA implementation or FPGA tools. The Merlin compiler provides push-button C/C++ to a highly optimized FPGA implementation, including host code generation, optimizing data transfer and reuse to achieve performance. Kestrel is a runtime scheduler that optimizes the discovery, deployment, sharing, reprogramming and scheduling of FPGA accelerators on F1. 
Genomic Sequencing: We also offer an accelerated Whole Genome Sequencing pipeline on F1, built using Falcon tools and acceleration libraries, which, unlike other accelerated WGS solutions, can be easily customized to use your specific pipeline components.
Consulting Services: Falcon also offers training, accelerator design and migration, and engineering consulting services to help your transition to F1 instances.

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Mipsology offers FPGA-based class-leading acceleration for Deep Learning, with no FPGA knowledge required. We leverage more than 20 years of experience designing high-performance FPGA-based systems for Linux to offer our users the best solutions for Deep Learning.
Mipsology’s first product, Zebra, runs user defined neural networks just as they would run on GPU or CPU. No FPGA knowledge required nor a single line of code to write. Switching is effortless and takes just minutes giving you the best FPGA based acceleration for neural network inference.

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National Instruments (NI) helps engineers and scientists solve the world’s greatest engineering challenges with powerful platform-based systems that accelerate productivity and drive rapid innovation. “We are excited to be exploring with Amazon how F1 instances could further expand the reach of our FPGA-based platforms into new applications and new users,” says Duncan Hudson, chief platform officer at NI. “NI has been delivering FPGA-enabled products to customers for many years, and we continue to expand the number of users that can take advantage of FPGAs using our LabVIEW software.” NI offers a variety of integrated hardware and software solutions that give users the power of LabVIEW-programmable FPGAs alongside modular I/O and real-time processing systems to create customer-defined test, measurement, and control systems. “LabVIEW is the programming language and development environment that empowers domain experts to focus on innovation for their unique application, with a common representation that spans CPUs, real-time systems, FPGAs, and modular I/O,” said Hudson, “Our customers rely on LabVIEW FPGA software to meet both their increasing time-to-market and performance critical needs, in areas such as automated test, high-speed machine control, machine vision, communication prototyping, and software defined radios.” 

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NGCodec is a provider of video compression technology. “Cloud video encoding is exploding, but traditional software approaches need massive CPU resources and cannot deliver the video quality and latency necessitated by new applications. We have developed a next generation video encoder that, using FPGA hardware acceleration, offers low latency and low cost while maximizing video quality to keep up with today’s broadcasting standards,” said Oliver Gunasekara, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, NGCodec. “AWS is the first cloud provider to add FPGA instances, which provide massive acceleration. In just three weeks, we ported our RealityCodec™ H.265/HEVC encoder to the new F1 instance type to enable AWS Cloud customers to leverage the benefits of higher video quality, lower latency, and lower cost for live H.265/HEVC video encoding. Updating our install base globally will be as simple as publishing a new Amazon FPGA image and re-launching F1 instances.”

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Reconfigure.io is a cloud-based service for programming FPGAs with Go. Access customizable cost-effective hardware acceleration technology from AWS EC2 F1 instances using one of the world’s most popular programming languages. Build, test and deploy your project-specific code entirely in the cloud using our simple tooling and management system.

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Ryft powers cloud-based and on-premise data analytics applications for faster, smarter data-driven decisions. By making heterogeneous compute fast and simple, Ryft delivers instant insights into any data by eliminating the latency associated with data indexing and transformation/curation. Today, industry leaders rely on Ryft to quickly and simply unlock the value hidden in their data for real-time actionable insight.

Whereas traditional FPGA-based data analytics appliances proved too difficult and too costly for the average enterprise to deploy, program and maintain, Ryft’s cloud-based solutions make use of Ryft’s open API, providing a library of analytics algorithms and connectors that abstract away complexity. The result is a fast and simple cloud-based architecture harnessing the power of FPGA-based heterogeneous compute systems. With Ryft, all organizations can benefit from the FPGA’s performance gains without needing any specialized knowledge.

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TeraDeep, Inc. develops accelerated computer vision technology for video analytics used in the security and protection of high-value assets. “Massive amounts of video footage is captured on camera systems and streamed every second, and accurate, automated, and low latency video processing is critical so users can alarm and respond to events immediately. TeraDeep has developed FPGA-based accelerator technology to substantially reduce the time and cost for complex video processing," said Didier Lacroix, CEO of TeraDeep. "As a growing startup, the capital expenditure and lead time for developing and deploying FPGA technology on-premises is time painful and a big reason why there aren't more FPGA startups today. Amazon FPGA Images and F1 instances have dramatically reduced the time and cost to deploy our technology, eliminating the large up front expense and time required to design and deploy custom FPGA cards down from months or years to days."

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Maxeler's Multiscale Dataflow Computing (MDC) technology delivers the next generation of algorithms at a cost comparable to lower fidelity approaches. “Maxeler helps our clients leverage our dataflow computing infrastructure to rapidly create application accelerators running on FPGAs. In the dataflow approach to processing, pipelines of tasks exploit temporal and spatial parallelism, offering dramatic performance improvements,” said Oskar Mencer, Chief Executive Officer, Maxeler Technologies. “With a strong research division and many Dataflow applications developed using our tools, the time and expense of deploying hardware appliances on-premises becomes the bottleneck. With Amazon FPGA Images and F1 instances integrated into the AWS Marketplace, we can now publish our Dataflow applications to over a million AWS customers who can deploy them with one click. This substantially simplifies bringing new innovations to market and enables us to focus on new algorithms and supporting customers.”

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Missing Link Electronics’ (MLE) expert design services and solutions enable you to bring your compute problems to Amazon EC2 F1 instances – even if you are a first-time user.

Field Programmable Gate-Arrays (FPGA) can provide unparalleled compute power via customizable hardware acceleration of software. Team MLE has repeatedly demonstrated the necessary technical expertise and FPGA design experience in accelerating compute-hungry problems, for example,

  • cryptography,
  • compression / decompression,
  • convolution and signal processing routines,
  • text, image and packet processing,
  • networking and storage protocols for SATA, NVMe or TCP/IP.

We support you in your Amazon EC2 F1 project starting from first idea, over system architecture design, feasibility study, to roll-out and to scale-out. Using predictable design methodologies and tools for performance profiling, hardware / software partitioning, verification and synthesis we can quickly integrate in-house or 3rd-party function blocks into “unconventional” dataflow-oriented FPGA architectures.

Our team of design engineers has been fully enabled by Amazon and Xilinx with sufficient seats for the required toolchain, documentation and training. Our growing list of accelerator platforms and building blocks has been pre-validated and optimized to run on Amazon EC2 F1.

MLE is a Certified Member of the Xilinx Alliance Program. As such we passed a comprehensive review by Xilinx of technical, business, quality, and support processes and will continue to commit engineers to passing the same rigorous training used by Xilinx Field Application Engineers worldwide. MLE’s toolchain expertise stretches from “classical” FPGA design with Xilinx Vivado using VHDL/Verilog over hardware-/software-partitioning to modern dataflow oriented design methodologies using High-Level Synthesis Xilinx Vivado HLS and Xilinx SDx.

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Titan IC Systems is a leader in hardware accelerated content processing technology. “The Regular Expression Processor (RXP) enables exceptional performance advantage for network security solutions relying on complex IP traffic inspections, including: intrusion detection/prevention, application detection, anti-virus, content/URL filtering and security analytics. Businesses relying on data and cloud-enabled services require rapid insights to identify and respond to potential threats, and with the migration to the AWS cloud, it’s become easier to analyze large volumes of activity data”, said Noel McKenna, CEO of Titan IC systems. “Amazon EC2 F1 instances combined with our upcoming Helios RXP Amazon FPGA Image will allow customers to dramatically reduce time to insight. The security landscape is constantly evolving, and with F1 deploying new technology to our customers will be as simple as publishing a new Amazon FPGA Image.”

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Plunify is a pioneer in FPGA design optimization, using machine learning coupled with in-depth FPGA experience to solve critical timing and device resource problems with little or no design changes. Engineers use Plunify’s InTime tool and optimization services to automatically and quickly fix issues and optimize designs for networking, audio/video processing, datacenter and many other applications.

Because InTime is a learning tool, it builds a meta-characteristic database for your designs so that subsequent projects take less and less time to optimize. It also leverages on massive compute power to shorten time-to-results by 10x or more.

A single FPGA designer is now armed with the capabilities of generating compilation builds quickly at enterprise scale, and produce highly-targeted builds that can achieve timing closure and increase design performance at a fraction of the time it used to take.” says Harnhua Ng, CEO of Plunify.

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