Amazon EC2 M6g Instances

High price performance for general purpose workloads in Amazon EC2 with balanced compute, memory, and networking

Amazon EC2 M6g instances are powered by Arm-based AWS Graviton2 processors. They deliver up to 40% better price performance over M5 instances, and offer a balance of compute, memory, and networking resources for a broad set of workloads. They are for applications built on open-source software such as application servers, microservices, gaming servers, mid-size data stores, and caching fleets. Developers can also use these instances to build Arm-based applications natively in the cloud, eliminating the need for cross-compilation and emulation, and improving time to market.

M6g instances are also available with local NVMe-based SSD block-level storage option (M6gd) for applications that need high-speed, low latency local storage.

Free Trial: Try Amazon EC2 t4g.small instances powered by AWS Graviton2 processors free for up to 750 hours / month until Dec 31st 2024. Refer to the FAQ for additional details.

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High price performance for general purpose workloads

With M6g instances, customers can optimize for both higher performance and lower cost per vCPU. M6g instances deliver up to 40% better price performance over M5 instances for a large number of applications built on open-source software utilizing Linux distributions.

Flexibility and choice

M6g instances add to the broadest and deepest selection of EC2 instances and enable customers to run a broad set of workloads such as application servers, mid-size data stores and microservices. Developers can build Arm applications natively in the cloud while leveraging the flexibility, security, reliability, and scalability of running on EC2.

Enhanced security and maximized resource efficiency

M6g instances are powered by AWS Graviton2 processors and built on the AWS Nitro System. AWS Graviton2 processors feature always-on 256-bit DRAM encryption and 50% faster per core encryption performance compared to first-generation AWS Graviton. The AWS Nitro System is a combination of dedicated hardware and lightweight hypervisor which delivers practically all of the compute and memory resources of the host hardware to your instances for better overall performance and security. M6g instances also support encrypted EBS storage volumes by default.

Extensive ecosystem support

AWS Graviton2-based EC2 instances are supported by popular Linux operating systems including Amazon Linux 2, Red Hat, SUSE, and Ubuntu. Many popular applications and services from AWS and Independent Software Vendors also support AWS Graviton2-based instances, including Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, Amazon ECR, Amazon CodeBuild, Amazon CodeCommit, Amazon CodePipeline, Amazon CodeDeploy, Amazon CloudWatch, Crowdstrike, Datadog, Docker, Drone, Dynatrace, GitLab, Jenkins, NGINX, Qualys, Rancher, Rapid7, Tenable, and TravisCI.


Powered by AWS Graviton2 processors

AWS Graviton2 Processors are based on 64-bit Arm Neoverse cores and custom silicon designed by AWS for optimized performance and cost. AWS Graviton2 Processors deliver 7x more performance, 4x more compute cores, 5x faster memory, and 2x larger caches versus first-generation AWS Graviton Processors.

High performance networking and storage

Next generation Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) and NVM Express (NVMe) technology provide M6g instances with high throughput, low latency interfaces for networking and Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS). M6g instances are also available with local instance storage option (M6gd).

Built on AWS Nitro System

The AWS Nitro System is a rich collection of building blocks that offloads many of the traditional virtualization functions to dedicated hardware and software to deliver high performance, high availability, and high security while also reducing virtualization overhead.

Customer and Partner Testimonials provides an observability tool for introspecting and interrogating production systems, designed and evolved to meet the needs of platforms, microservices, serverless apps, and complex systems. is running Amazon EC2 M6g instances for their ingest worker test fleet. The entire transition process took about 15 hours by an experienced generalist systems engineer/SRE. Comparing to existing C5 instances, observed M6g instances to be superior in every aspect—they cost less, have more RAM, exhibit lower median and significantly narrower tail latency, and run cooler with the same proportional workload per host. Converting the entire ingest worker fleet to M6g instances has allowed to run 30% fewer instances, and each instance costs 10% less.

Hotelbeds is the world's leading bedbank, redefining accommodation, transfers, activities and car rental products with a global network of travel distributors. Hotelbeds is constantly exploring new technologies to ensure they offer the best products and services to their customers. Hotelbeds were excited to test out the new AWS Graviton2 processors for one of the workloads developed using Java11 + SpringBoot2. Hotelbeds' initial testing shows that the Amazon EC2 M6g instances based on AWS Graviton2 deliver up to 43% better price performance vs. the current generation M5 instances. Based on these results Hotelbeds looks forward to using M6g instances as part of its Amazon EC2 infrastructure.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions

LexisNexis Risk Solutions is a global data and analytics company that provides data and technology services, analytics, predictive insights, and fraud prevention for a wide range of industries.

"We tested our Java application based on OpenJDK8 on the Amazon EC2 M6g instances. This application handles a significant amount of encryption processes and is used to provide message level encryption to meet the security needs of our customers. Compared to our baseline C5 instance, the M6g instance was able to handle 30% more traffic. These are very exciting results."

Tim Miller, Senior Consulting Software Engineer - Health Care segment of LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Mobiuspace is a startup that provides an advanced AI-based content discovery and entertainment platform. Mobiuspace recently tested its Java-based containerized backend services on the new AWS Graviton2 based Amazon EC2 M6g instances and observed a performance improvement of 40% compared to the M5 instances. Due to this performance improvement and the 20% lower price of Amazon EC2 M6g instances, Mobiuspace is looking forward to adopting them.

Netflix is the world's leading internet entertainment service with 158 million memberships in 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries, and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. “We use Amazon EC2 M instance types for a number of workloads inclusive of our streaming, encoding, data processing, and monitoring applications,” said Ed Hunter, Director of Performance and operating systems at Netflix. “We tested the new M6g instances using industry standard LMbench and certain Java benchmarks and saw up to 50% improvement over M5 instances. We’re excited about the introduction of AWS Graviton2-based Amazon EC2 instances.”

Nielsen is a global measurement and data analytics company that provides the most complete and trusted view available of consumers and markets worldwide. “Our OpenJDK based Java application is used to collect digital data, process incoming web requests, and redirect requests based on business needs. The application is I/O intensive and scaling out in a cost-effective manner is a key requirement,” said Chris Nicotra, SVP Digital, at Nielsen. “We seamlessly transferred this Java application to Amazon EC2 A1 instances powered by the AWS Graviton processor. We’ve since tested the new Graviton2-based M6g instances and it was able to handle twice the load of an A1. We look forward to running more workloads on the new Graviton2-based instances.”

Raygun provides visibility into how users are really experiencing software thereby enabling its customers to detect, diagnose and resolve issues with greater speed and accuracy. For Raygun's compute centric .NET Core based workloads that were tested on the new Graviton2 based M6g instances, Raygun is excited to see a 30% performance gain over the existing 5th generation instances are currently used in production today. In this challenging climate Raygun's focus is to look for cost efficiencies, so Raygun is very excited about being able to utilize these instances in production now they are generally available.

Redbox is America’s leading source for affordable new release movie rentals and TV shows, without a subscription. Redbox operates more than 41,500 conveniently located, self-service entertainment kiosks and run nightly inventory forecasts to ensure customers get the movies they want, when they want them. The forecasting algorithm is mostly compute bound and runs on C5 instances today. When Redbox saw the AWS Graviton2 announcement they were keen to test the new Amazon EC2 M6g instances to see how they perform for this use case. Comparing m5.2xlarge vs m6g.2xlarge Redbox found the performance was almost identical but the M6g is 20% lower cost. Redbox is impressed that Graviton2 is trading blows with x86 in the server space.

Arm Treasure Data Customer Data Platform (CDP) enables the unification of data from different sources and reduces the need for data cleaning and preparation. This big data heavy workload runs on AWS, supported by open-source middleware such as Presto. Based on internal tests, the Amazon EC2 M6g instances powered by Arm-based AWS Graviton2 processors provide 30% better performance and 20% better cost benefits compared to M5 instances.

Valnet Inc.

Valnet Inc. is a digital media company that specializes in content distribution.

"With a portfolio of high volume sites like Screen Rant, TheGamer and CBR, a well optimized EC2 infrastructure is a fundamental part of our business. After benchmarking our most common workloads (NGINX, PHP, Redis) we found the new AWS Graviton2 based Amazon EC2 M6g instances demonstrated up to 30% increased performance over our current M5 fleet. We have since made a complete transition to M6g with 20% fewer instances, 20% lower cost for an overall 40% better price performance."

Stefan Sjogelid, System Administrator - Valnet Inc.

Product Details

Instance Size vCPU Memory (GiB) Instance Storage (GB) Network Bandwidth (Gbps) EBS Bandwidth (Mbps)
m6g.medium 1 4 EBS-Only Up to 10 Up to 4,750
m6g.large 2 8 EBS-Only Up to 10 Up to 4,750
m6g.xlarge 4 16 EBS-Only Up to 10 Up to 4,750
m6g.2xlarge 8 32 EBS-Only Up to 10 Up to 4,750
m6g.4xlarge 16 64 EBS-Only Up to 10 4,750
m6g.8xlarge 32 128 EBS-Only 12 9,000
m6g.12xlarge 48 192 EBS-Only 20 13,500
m6g.16xlarge 64 256 EBS-Only 25 19,000
m6g.metal 64 256 EBS-Only 25 19,000
m6gd.medium 1 4 1 x 59 NVMe SSD Up to 10 Up to 4,750
m6gd.large 2 8 1 x 118 NVMe SSD Up to 10 Up to 4,750
m6gd.xlarge 4 16 1 x 237 NVMe SSD Up to 10 Up to 4,750
m6gd.2xlarge 8 32 1 x 474 NVMe SSD Up to 10 Up to 4,750
m6gd.4xlarge 16 64 1 x 950 NVMe SSD Up to 10 4,750
m6gd.8xlarge 32 128 1 x 1900 NVMe SSD 12 9,000
m6gd.12xlarge 48 192 2 x 1425 NVMe SSD 20 13,500
m6gd.16xlarge 64 256 2 x 1900 NVMe SSD 25 19,000
m6gd.metal 64 256 2 x 1900 NVMe SSD 25 19,000

All instances have the following specs:

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