AWS for the Edge

Bring the world’s most capable and secure cloud to you
AWS edge services deliver data processing, analysis, and storage close to your endpoints, allowing you to deploy APIs and tools to locations outside AWS data centers. Build high-performance applications that can process and store data close to where it’s generated, enabling ultra-low latency, intelligent, and real-time responsiveness.
Experience consistency from edge to cloud
Build an application once and deploy it on the cloud and at the edge. AWS is the only provider that extends infrastructure, services, APIs, and tools offered in the cloud as a fully managed service to virtually any on-premises datacenter or co-location space.
Raise your security posture
Maintain security and compliance from edge to cloud with AWS infrastructure and services. Apply preventive mechanisms like encryption and access control to securely store and process data that must remain on-premises or at the edge.

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Depend on the most reliable cloud provider
Take advantage of managed hardware deployed in locations outside AWS data centers— extending secure edge computing capabilities to metro areas, 5G networks, on-premises locations, and ruggedized devices. AWS offers the largest global infrastructure footprint of any provider.

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Unlock the broadest and deepest edge use capabilities
Employ capabilities purpose- built for specific edge use cases like Internet of Things (IoT), hybrid cloud, 5G, and industrial machine learning (ML). With 200+ integrated device services to choose from, you can deploy edge applications quickly and easily scale to billions of devices. Get results faster with help from AWS Partners.

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Purpose-Built Solutions with AWS for the Edge (1:03)

Use cases

Build a consistent hybrid cloud

Get consistent AWS experiences across the cloud, on-premises, and at the edge while meeting ultra-low latency, data residency, and local processing needs. AWS hybrid solutions help you accelerate digital transformation, improve IT productivity, and differentiate end-user experiences. 

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Improve edge networking

Transmit your user-facing data securely and with improved latency worldwide using AWS edge networking services, including 410+ global multi-service Points of Presence (PoPs). Limit your attack exposure on AWS by encrypting data, removing network hops, and controlling application access. AWS Global Infrastructure provides redundant 100 Gbps dedicated fibers and delivers data to applications from edge locations for better performance and lower costs.

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Fuel industrial transformation

Accelerate design, optimize operations, and reinvent supply chains with AWS. Meet the challenges of industrial environments, like intermittent connectivity or disconnected scenarios, or integrating IT and Operational Technology (OT) across multi-site operations. AWS provides a comprehensive set of edge-to-cloud services and solutions that package IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), ML, robotics, analytics, compute, and storage capabilities to help you achieve business outcomes across common industrial workloads.

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Develop better connected device experiences

Quickly and cost effectively create differentiated and intelligent customer experiences with superior integration between IoT, edge computing, AI, and ML services. AWS makes it easy and cost effective to scale device fleets reliably and globally, as business requirements evolve.

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Run disconnected and ruggedized edge computing

Run highly secure and rugged devices in non-data center environments while easily collecting and processing data. AWS offers a collection of physical devices—ranging in size from a suitcase to a tissue box—designed to run local computing applications and migrate data into the cloud.

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Improve your 5G and multi-access edge computing (MEC)

Use compute and storage services offering the same developer experience as in the cloud, but within communication service providers’ (CSP) data centers at the edge of the 5G network. Telecommunications and enterprise customers use AWS infrastructure and services to reinvent how 5G networks are built, operated, and managed.

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Customer stories

Morningstar case study

Morningstar uses AWS hybrid cloud solutions to build and run applications in their on-premises datacenters, while seamlessly migrating applications to an AWS Region.

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Hulu case study

Hulu uses AWS edge networking services to deliver content and a great viewer experience—even when viewership and traffic spikes.

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Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen uses AWS IoT, ML, and edge services to power its Industrial Cloud and connect data from 124 manufacturing plants to improve plant efficiency and uptime, production flexibility, and vehicle quality.

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iRobot case study

iRobot uses AWS IoT services to build, connect, and manage over 30 million home-cleaning robots globally.

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Novetta case study

Novetta relies on AWS for the practical, mission-ready edge computing technology it needs to build solutions to help its public sector clients save lives.

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DISH Network Corporation and AWS are collaborating to build the US telecommunications industry's first fully cloud-native 5G network.

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