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Utility customers want to engage with their water and electricity providers the way they do with other businesses. They want to find you on their preferred channels and digital devices any time they need information or to do business with you. They expect full featured mobility self-service, and a user friendly interface.

AWS meets this need, helping your utility engage, manage, and scale customers in more secure, compliant, and cost-effective ways. AWS provides a full spectrum of tools -- devices, data, enabling technologies such as Alexa, machine learning, and cloud-based multi-channel contact centers -- to serve your customers like never before.

With AWS, your utility can ingest massive, complex IoT datasets for energy management and scale them to securely support millions of homes with personalized information and energy services. Your customers can schedule their service appointments, pay their bills, and request new service quotes directly -- without needing to speak to an agent.

Utility Digital Customer Engagement with Amazon Connect (1:04:06)

Use cases

  • Connected Home Demand Response
  • Connected Home Demand Response

    Because bulk electric energy cannot be stored in meaningful quantities, matching energy demand with supply has always been a critical task for utilities. Today, with wind, solar, electric vehicles and other distributed energy resources contributing intermittently to supply, it’s even more complex.

    AWS helps you match fluctuating residential demand with fluctuating supply. With programs to install connected homes at scale, your utility gains a bridge directly to your customers, bringing value-added services and programs. And with IoT, you can securely control millions of smart home devices to optimize energy usage with minimal user impact. By providing you tools to enable connected homes and demand response, we help you reduce the need for peaker plants, lower your costs, improve energy efficiency – and deliver a better customer experience. To learn more, visit IoT for Connected Home

  • Connect for Customer Care
  • Connect for Customer Care

    Utilities are often burdened with legacy customer information systems (CIS) and disparate channels of customer engagement. Amazon Connect is an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center that integrates with legacy CIS systems and helps utilities provide superior customer service at a lower cost.

    Today, thousands of companies -- ranging from 10 to tens of thousands of agents -- use Amazon Connect to serve millions of customers daily. Amazon Connect provides a seamless experience across voice and chat for your customers and agents. This includes integrated solutions for skills-based routing, powerful real-time and historical analytics, and easy-to-use intuitive management tools – all with pay-as-you-go pricing. Amazon Connect simplifies contact center operations and improves agent efficiency, while also lowering your customer service costs.

    Power & utilities connect for customer care

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