Miriam McLemore, AWS Enterprise Strategist

Miriam McLemore

AWS Enterprise Strategist

Miriam McLemore, AWS Enterprise Strategist
Former roles

Corporate CIO, The Coca-Cola Company
Director, Marketing Research, The Coca-Cola Company
Manager, Global Finance, The Coca-Cola Company
Manager, Arthur Andersen & Co., Andersen Consulting


BS, Business Administration, University of North Carolina

Advisory affiliations

Advisory Board Member, Georgia Southern University
Community Leader, TechBridge
Executive Council Member (former), Georgia CIO Council
Advisor, Atlanta Bridge Community Startup Incubator


Mentoring women
STEM programs for young people
Diversity and inclusion in technology


Speed, agility, and talent management are the critical success factors in today’s world. As a leader, your most important role is to identify and remove barriers that slow decision making, stand in the way of change, or stop your teams from delivering business value."

In business and technology leadership positions throughout her 25-year career with The Coca-Cola Company, and now at Amazon Web Services (AWS), Miriam has consistently driven high impact global enterprise technology strategy, digital transformation, and data analytics to understand and engage the consumer, provide competitive advantage, and improve internal system efficiencies. In diverse roles at Coca-Cola, she led top-tier strategy and development teams across 30 major global markets; identified and built mutually productive technology partnerships with external companies including Adobe, AWS, Facebook, Google, Box and VCs; delivered platforms from incubator and VC backed startups to large global business solutions; and led portfolio reviews, M&A due diligence/integration, and significant investment decisions. As an AWS Enterprise Strategist and Evangelist, her mission is to make the case to senior leadership teams, board members, and regulators that transitioning to the cloud, and specifically AWS, is a sound, secure, fiduciary-based strategy to positively transform their business with high shareholder ROI.

As Miriam observed during her tenure at Coca-Cola, the challenge of a CIO is to articulate a digital strategy that enables business outcomes critical to the enterprise and empower the IT and business teams to deliver technology solutions in an agile manner. It’s not just that the right technology has to be in place—the organization needs to be ready to leverage it in the right way to realize its full value. Having worked at a firm steeped in more than 100 years of history, she knows firsthand that it can be challenging to drive change in a large multi-national corporation.

For Miriam, change is about using technology to create more agile ways of working, and space to react quickly to new market opportunities or demands. It’s about closely examining your people and culture and removing barriers to their innovation. It’s about adopting more digital processes and experiences, yet ensuring security is job one.

At AWS, Miriam talks to hundreds of enterprise customers about strategies that can lower the price of entry to change—making digital transformation through cloud more accessible, yet still able to deliver a faster pace of innovation than previously possible. A frequent speaker, you can catch Miriam speaking at AWS events around the world and connecting with customers as part of the AWS Conversations with Leaders series.

When not speaking with customers, she’s inspiring young women pursuing careers in technology at events such as Women in Big Data and Women in Technology. Miriam is passionate about supporting women in building their career path, STEM programs for young people, and diversity and inclusion programs in the technology industry.  


Our Conversations with Leaders podcasts feature AWS customer leaders and their best practices, lessons, and transformative thinking. Join Miriam as she connects with global leaders to discuss new and insightful ways of thinking about business transformation, their strategies for success, and more.


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