Get ahead of the game

You can't change what you can't see. When gameplay issues go undetected by your team, you're potentially exposing players to a negative experience. But with AWS monitoring solutions, you can gain a deeper, more proactive understanding of systemic issues by collecting and monitoring data, helping you get ahead of any game-breaking bugs.

Unify game activity to a single dashboard

Monitoring empowers your game studio and live-ops team to collect, monitor, act, and analyze long term trends of your game's live features. Publish your game's activity alongside AWS usage data with Amazon CloudWatch, allowing you to monitor 70+ AWS services by the minute or second.

Gather game activities

Capture your players' activity to gain insights on what's driving your game's live features. Combine your game logs alongside the metrics of the AWS resources you are using, to be able to respond to get a full picture of what is happening and fix issues with your game's online features.

Monitor servers and live features

With dashboards that deliver a unified view on key metrics and critical issues for your game and servers. Get real-time data on overall health of your live features and respond with timely fixes.

React to issues before impacting players

Know when bottlenecks and critical failures happen. Avoid maxing out resources, identifying unnecessary processing for your services, and streamlining the critical path to deliver the best player experience.

Improve performance & reduce costs

By collecting your AWS infrastructure activity in a consistent way, you can identify inefficient activity and underutilized infrastructure that can be changed to reduce costs while improving performance.

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