Healthcare & Life Sciences

From benchtop to bedside, innovate faster to improve patient outcomes and lower costs

Digital transformation of healthcare and life sciences looks to personalize the patient health journey, improve data-driven decision making, and accelerate precision medicine.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) makes this possible with the most comprehensive cloud platform on which healthcare and life science organizations can innovate. With over 100 HIPAA-eligible services, advanced machine learning and analytics tools that are simple to build and deploy, and data interoperability frameworks, healthcare and life science organizations can leverage AWS to speed the development of new therapies, personalize the patient experience, and improve health outcomes.


AWS for innovation driven healthcare (1:46)

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Healthcare Providers & Payers

Transform your data into an asset to improve the patient, provider, and member experience across the care continuum and accelerate your transition to value-based care. Secure patient data while enabling frictionless data interoperability and regulatory compliance.

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Pharma & Biotech

Modernize every aspect of the pharma value chain, with industry solutions designed to help you more quickly and efficiently develop, trial, manufacture, and commercialize therapeutics- while meeting the most stringent security and compliance regulations.

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Power precision medicine at scale with workflow automation from genomic analyses to clinical interpretation. Efficiently and cost-effectively harmonize multi-omic datasets to transform ‘big data’ into clinically-relevant findings.

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Accelerate insights to improve outcomes

Unlock what machine learning can do for your organization to support clinical forecasting, personalized engagement, advance clinical research, and accelerate drug discovery.

Data-driven decision making

Empower your researchers, clinicians, and operations teams to optimize their efficiency and make better informed decisions with data transparency, analytics, and machine learning.

Support regulatory compliance and enhance security

Secure and control patient data, enable data interoperability, and facilitate collaboration using secure AWS services designed to conform to global industry standards.

Healthcare & Life Science Customers

View case studies in healthcare and life sciences to see how they are impacting patient lives while benefitting from the agility and innovation available with AWS.

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