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As the most secure, reliable, and broadly adopted cloud platform, AWS is the trusted technology partner for healthcare providers and protected health information worldwide. Providers can accelerate innovation, unlock siloed data, and develop personalized care strategies—all while operating securely in a highly regulated industry.

Streamline innovation for healthcare providers with AWS (1:19)


more Regions with multiple Availability Zones than the next largest cloud provider


Security controls available on-demand with AWS Artifact


global compliance requirements validated by third-parties


healthcare- specific listings on AWS Marketplace


regions to support global reach and data sovereignty


fully featured services from datacenters globally


Partner with a trusted cloud provider

AWS delivers the technology that healthcare providers trust. With the most secure and reliable cloud platform, AWS enables providers to modernize with confidence and achieve operational excellence.

Accelerate innovation

AWS offers the broadest and deepest portfolio of cloud-based services, empowering healthcare providers to incorporate new technology to innovate for clinicians, patients and new healthcare consumers.

Unlock the value of data

Purpose-built AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities help providers gain efficiencies, unify patients’ medical histories, and predict health events—accelerating the move toward proactive, personalized medicine.

Power personalized healthcare

AWS empowers healthcare providers to connect with patients where they are, when they want, and when they need help. Drive increased engagement with the same customer-centric technologies that used to transform ecommerce.

AWS Partners

Discover third-party solutions and a vast network of partners to help you improve operational and clinical effectiveness. AWS Marketplace offers a curated catalog of third-party healthcare solutions to easily discover, procure, and deploy cloud technology and data management solutions, while AWS Healthcare Competency Partners can help you build customized solutions on AWS.

Use cases

  • Health data management
  • Insights & data-driven decision making
  • Patient & clinician experience
  • Health data management
  • Health data management

    Get out of the datacenter business and back into healthcare by migrating to the cloud. AWS makes it easy to build healthcare regulatory compliant disaster recovery plans, address fluctuating storage needs, and improve operational performance system-wide.

    Healthcare data management

    Core products

    Customer references

    Piedmont Healthcare case study

    Piedmont Healthcare

    Discover how Piedmont Healthcare and Deloitte developed an Epic on AWS proof of concept for migrating its Epic training workloads to the cloud in 6 weeks.

    Read case study »

    NHS Digital case study

    NHS Digital

    Watch Sarah Wilkinson, chief executive officer of NHS Digital, speak to how the elastic infrastructure in the AWS Cloud helped them deliver new products and scale existing services at an extraordinary rate in response to COVID-19.

    Read case study »

    Canadian Institute for Health Information case study

    CIHI Improves Agility, Performance, and Total Cost of Ownership on AWS

    The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) supports Canada’s health system by collecting and analyzing health data to generate insights for partner jurisdictions nationwide. On AWS, CIHI improved the agility and performance of its data processing infrastructure and reduced total cost of ownership by 10 percent.

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    Blog: NHS Digital Accelerates Roll-out of Digitally-Enabled Care with VMware Cloud on AWS

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    Blog: Beth Israel Improving Patient Care with Machine Learning at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

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  • Insights & data-driven decision making
  • Insights & data-driven decision making

    Make interoperability a reality. Clinical and operational data lakes ensure data liquidity across organizations and enable interoperability for a more patient-centric approach. Leverage AWS services to enforce data lifecycle management, employ cost-effective, scalable storage, and unlock data for operational and quality insights. 

    Data driven decision making

    Core products

    Customer references

    UC San Diego health

    UC San Diego Health Uses AWS to Implement Artificial Intelligence Imaging Model in 10 Days

    UC San Diego Health asked Amazon Web Services (AWS) for help set up a secure system in just 10 days that would enable medical clinical practitioners to use pneumonia data in diagnosis and treatment.

    Read case study »

    Radboud medical center

    Radboud University Medical Center

    Radboud University migrated the Grand Challenge -- an online platform for end-to-end development of machine learning solutions in biomedical imaging -- entirely to AWS to enable CO-RADS, a fast and accurate scoring system to diagnose large numbers of new patients using CT lung scans.

    Read case study »

    Rush medical center

    Rush University Medical Center

    Rush University Medical Center analytics team worked with the city of Chicago department of public health to create a working reference implementation of a cloud-based public health analytics hub which aggregates and analyzes multi-hospital data related to patient admissions, discharges and transfers, electronic lab reporting, hospital capacity, and clinical care documents of COVID-19 patients receiving care in and across Chicago hospitals.

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    Blog: World Health Organization

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    Blog: Mission Critical Healthcare

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    Blog: Radboud

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  • Patient & clinician experience
  • Patient & clinician experience

    Take advantage of the same customer-centric technologies that used to transform ecommerce. Sophisticated personalization capabilities that convert speech into text and enable voice assistance to allow you to meet changing customer expectations and reduce friction at every major touchpoint along the consumer health journey.

    Patient experience

    Core products

    Customer references

    Houston Methodist case study

    Houston Methodist

    Houston Methodist built a solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to prototype real-time automatic speech recognition for its documentation processes aiming to improve clinical efficiency and alleviate nursing and physician burnout.

    Read case study »

    MedStar Health

    MedStar Health

    MedStar Health is the largest not-for-profit healthcare provider for patients in the Maryland and Washington, D.C. region. To support clinical staff in providing care for patients remotely, MedStar Health built a telehealth contact center using Amazon Connect.

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    Ontario Telemedicine Network case study

    Ontario Telemedicine Network

    OTN, one of the world’s largest virtual care networks, provides two-way videoconferencing for patients in locations throughout Ontario. Needing scalability and capacity without downtime, OTN moved its video-hosting platform to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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    Blog: Delivering modern, accessible virtual healthcare solutions with the cloud

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    Blog: Improving patient care with Amazon Comprehend Medical at the Vancouver General Hospital

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    University of Washington Medicine: Virtual Assistant screens symptoms to guide care

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Healthcare provider compliance

Compliance for Healthcare Providers

With a deep understanding of industry regulations and compliance, AWS will help you gain more control over your IT environments and achieve consistent data transparency. 

Learn more about healthcare compliance with AWS »

Case studies & resources

View all healthcare customer case studies and related resources.


UC San Diego Health

UC San Diego Health asked Amazon Web Services (AWS) for help set up a secure system in just 10 days that would enable medical clinical practitioners to use pneumonia data in diagnosis and treatment.

Read the blog »


Nationwide Children's Hospital

Nationwide Children’s developed a set of largely serverless bioinformatics tools to securely move clinical genomics from preparing DNA for sequencing to analyzing DNA sequence data and beyond. Building on AWS, Nationwide Children’s Hospital created a set of applications to perform clinical genomics quickly and securely in the cloud.

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Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC)

Children’s Hospital of Orange County, one of the nation’s leading children’s hospitals, collaborated with Cerner to develop a cloud-based, machine learning solution called HealtheDataLab, which was built and deployed on AWS.

Read the blog »


Stanford Univerisity

Dr. Michael Snyder, Ph.D., professor and chair of genetics for Stanford University’s School of Medicine, details how his team developed a smartwatch app in conjunction with AWS to alert users when their bodies show signs of fighting an infection up to 10 days before they’re even aware of symptoms.

Watch the video case study »


Intermountain Healthcare

Intermountain Healthcare, a large health system based in Utah, uses a cloud-based platform from Syapse that works on AWS, delivering a platform that combines genomic information, clinical data, and other information to deliver actionable information to clinicians.  

Watch the video case study »


Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin

The Inception Health team at Froedtert & the MCW created a solution built on top of AWS for healthcare providers to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms daily, display a valid clearance passport, receive alerts, schedule fast-track COVID-19 testing, and access information and guidance.

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Central Australian Aboriginal Congress

Central Australian Aboriginal Congress, a comprehensive primary healthcare provider based in Northern Territory, Australia, turned to AWS to enable secure, reliable access to patient records as it expanded new clinics ad hospitals.

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The Cleveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic worked with AWS Certified Partner ClearDATA to ensure that the Healthy Brains Initiative, which gives patients and neurologists a way to enter and analyze information about conditions and activities that affect brain health, meets the clinic’s standards for protecting patient privacy.

Watch the video »

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