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Change Healthcare expands relationship with AWS to accelerate transformation of the healthcare industry

by Sabina Joseph, Director, ISV Partnerships at AWS and Steven Martin, EVP, Enterprise Technology at Change Healthcare

Change Healthcare [NASDAQ: CHNG] sits at the intersection between payers, providers, and healthcare consumers. A trusted technology partner to the healthcare industry, Change Healthcare is uniquely positioned to make an impact with a portfolio of products and services that touch each part of the patient journey and the provider and payer workflow. From its position in the industry, Change Healthcare creates innovative data and analytics products that reveal eye-opening trends across the U.S. healthcare industry and provide the workflow and collaboration products that make those trends actionable. From social determinants of health (SDOH) to micro-economic trends, Change Healthcare can show providers and insurers in remarkable detail precisely where they can make positive improvements by delivering internal efficiencies, cost savings, and above all, better patient outcomes.

At AWS, we share Change Healthcare’s goal of enabling a more efficient healthcare system and are happy to announce that we have been named as Change Healthcare’s preferred cloud provider.

At Change Healthcare, we couldn’t be more excited. By expanding our strategic relationship with AWS, we can accelerate our ability to create more comprehensive and collaborative solutions that help customers modernize and streamline operations while addressing the challenges faced by many healthcare organizations, including ability to scale and time to market.

“Customers have relied upon Change Healthcare solutions over many years in order to run their healthcare business operations,” said Patrick Combes, Director of Solutions- Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Genomics, AWS. “We are excited to support Change Healthcare as they reimagine the delivery of healthcare solutions, ultimately improving efficiencies across the healthcare system globally and helping to deliver improved outcomes and experiences for all participants in the health system.”

Reshaping the future of healthcare

AWS supports its healthcare and life sciences customers by providing reliable, scalable, and secure purpose-built services and solutions that help accelerate innovation, lower costs, support data privacy requirements, and improve efficiency. Change Healthcare is creating innovative products, built on AWS and enriched by artificial intelligence and machine learning, to unlock the potential of health data to support personalized care.

Change Healthcare and AWS are working together to focus on transforming operational effectiveness and care, enhancing the healthcare experience, and optimizing financial performance for payers, providers, pharma, academic/research organizations, and digital health companies. The collaboration between our two organizations will accelerate our delivery of innovative solutions designed to improve all aspects of the healthcare journey and drive the transformation of the US healthcare system.

Collaboration that continues to make an impact

Together, AWS and Change Healthcare are already working to solve the challenges healthcare providers, patients, and payers are facing today. Here are a few examples of solutions currently available:

Change Healthcare Platform

Tying together continuously refreshed data from our broad healthcare financial and operational transaction networks, advanced analytics and insights generating capabilities, collaboration solutions, data interoperability, and clinical solutions, the Change Healthcare platform, built on AWS, provides payers and providers comprehensive solutions to operate, provide care, and deliver outcomes on a modern, scalable, and secure cloud platform.

Data Science as a Service

Health equity is an issue of growing concern across the healthcare ecosystem.  Using AWS expertise and services, Change Healthcare has created the Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) solution for hospitals, universities, doctors, research facilities, insurance providers, and other health organizations seeking to develop and deploy health analytics at scale. DSaaS provides secure access to de-identified claims data augmented with SDOH data and enables compliance by pre-integrating data and deploying automated software that consistently monitors adherence to privacy and compliance obligations to make patient-level integration of this data practical and timely. In association with academic medical centers like the Duke University School of Medicine, healthcare organizations are using DSaaS to improve health equity by examining and exploring differences in COVID-19 disease progression as a function of pre-existing conditions and various interventions for different ethnic and socioeconomic subgroups.

Rapid Innovation with Healthcare APIs

Regulatory forces and the need to enable data interoperability and new experiences for providers, payers, and healthcare consumers have increased demand for secure, data-rich, and comprehensive APIs. Meeting these needs and helping organizations of all sizes innovate, from startups to large providers and payers, Change Healthcare offers a comprehensive portfolio of clinical, financial, and data APIs in AWS Marketplace. This portfolio of API products can be purchased and immediately incorporated into existing applications and workflows, enabling application and workflow agility and efficiency. A catalyst for innovation, these APIs are supported by tools that enable rapid prototyping, standardized functionality and data, and simple deployment to enable highly scalable solutions while meeting the demanding regulatory requirements of the healthcare industry.

These areas are just a few examples of the ongoing collaboration between our companies. Building on AWS, Change Healthcare is poised for even more exciting innovation in the coming months. Working together, we will continue to deliver solutions that enable a better coordinated and more efficient healthcare system. The shared experience and expertise of our organizations as industry leaders will be dedicated to building a more seamless connection between patients, payers, and providers, to humanize the patient experience and put patients at the center of the healthcare journey.