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Strategies and technologies to support the evolving workforce

Build a more resilient business from the inside out

Strengthening your organization using data and workforce development

A new global survey from AWS reveals that the most resilient businesses do not rely on external direction. Instead, they seek answers and find opportunities within using data and developing their talent.

Attract and retain top talent

A culture of innovation will attract innovative talent. Build—and keep—the team you need by setting a clear vision of where you are headed and empowering them to lead.

Educate and empower teams

Talent will show up for you if you show up for them. Invest in upskilling and reskilling for your workforce to help them grow into what they want to be.

Adapt to a new world of work

Great technology is ineffective without great people. Supply your teams with the tools and resources they need to innovate and succeed wherever they are.

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Conversations with Leaders

Cloud skills may be the most important investment you make—and a much simpler proposition than you think. As these leaders have discovered, talent transformation starts with the people, institutional knowledge, and culture you already have.

 Listen podcast: Creative Workforce Solutions to Close the Gap in Tech Talent


“Now more than ever, companies need to get creative. Success comes down to an investment in people and your culture.”

Maureen Lonergan, AWS

Leaders have identified that the gap in talent is currently one of the biggest challenges hindering growth. To close this gap, start by looking within and fostering a culture that empowers teams to learn, invent and grow—that will in turn create a more agile, stable and resilient business.

Conversation with Prakash Kota, CIO at Autodesk

C-Suite and line-of-business leaders need to be intentional in reskilling their teams and attract people who can work at the intersection of smart humans and powerful machines. Join this candid conversation with Prakash Kota, CIO at Autodesk about organizational strategies and best practices to empower your people and business to succeed in the digital future.

Innovation and opportunity are two sides of the same coin in the critical currency of the talent market. The demand in the talent market has been growing exponentially with companies seeking to grow dynamically and acquire top talent where possible. Companies seeking to be innovative, forward-thinking leaders with ambitious goals for the future need to deeply understand that in order to meet those mission-critical business objectives, they need to have the workforce to deliver upon them. Demand for skills-based roles has been increasing and specifically, technical skills roles, as companies seek to digitally transform their organizations. AWS has grown exponentially from its debut in 2006 and has adopted the same culture of continuous learning within its “Day 1” lifestyle.

Teamwork to overcome challenges is illustrated here with a view of people making a mountain rescue with ropes and courage.
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