Getting Started with AWS Step Functions

What is AWS Step Functions?

AWS Step Functions lets you add resilient workflow automation to your applications in minutes—without writing code. Workflows built with Step Functions include built-in error handling, parameter passing, recommended security settings, and state management, reducing the amount of code you have to write and maintain.  

Ready to get started? Follow the walkthroughs in the console or our Developer Guide for step-by-step instructions on using AWS Step Functions to create a simple state machine.

Introducing AWS Step Functions

Core concepts

10-minute tutorials


Learn how to use AWS Step Functions to design and run a serverless workflow that coordinates multiple AWS Lambda functions.

IAM, Lambda, Step Functions


Use the built-in retry and catch capabilities of AWS Step Functions to handle AWS Lambda runtime errors with different logic depending on the exception raised

IAM, Lambda, Step Functions


Orchestrate a serverless workflow in response to an Amazon CloudWatch event that fires according to a time-based schedule

CloudWatch, IAM, Step Functions

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