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Learn about the latest features that enable you to quickly and easily use third-party data in the cloud.

New capabilities and data sets to help you gain deeper insights faster

AWS Data Exchange is constantly adding new capabilities to help you reinvent your business with data. By making it quicker and easier to ingest third-party data, customers can use AWS Data Exchange to get richer data sets to use in analytics, machine learning model training, and general data-driven decision-making.

Browse the data catalog or reach out to the Data Discovery Team to receive some personalized recommendations of data products that will help move the needle for your business.

New features on AWS Data Exchange

Query data in minutes with AWS Data Exchange for Amazon Redshift

APIs you need—all in one place with AWS Data Exchange

Enable Auto-Export for updated data sets directly to Amazon S3

NEW! Metered Billing for AWS Data Exchange for APIs

Find, subscribe to, and use third-party API products on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Recently Published Data Products

boxoffice pro logo

Long Range Box Office Forecasts

This file contains the 12 month long range forecasts of all the movie opening in the North American Box Office as only available from Boxoffice PRO (Boxoffice Magazine).

techsalerator logo

55M Businesses in the US (sample)

With 55M Million Businesses in the US , Techsalerator has access to the highest B2B count in the United States .

factset logo

FactSet Supply Chain Relationships

FactSet Revere Supply Chain Relationships data is built to expose business relationship interconnections among companies globally.

rootmetrics logo

Connected Insights Sample Data

Sample of mobile performance measurement, provided by Rootmetrics - an independent mobile analytics firm offering scientific insights into how users experience networks under real-world conditions.

predicthq logo

Live TV event broadcasts Intelligence

Free sample data set containing Live TV event data for a 1 month period for the state of California. Includes county level broadcast viewership data for sports events broadcast in that area.

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