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AutoGluon-Tabular can save time by automating time-consuming manual steps—handling missing data, manual feature transformations, data splitting, model selection, algorithm selection, hyperparameter selection and tuning, ensembling multiple models, and repeating the process when data changes. Unlike...

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  • Version 4.12.2
  • Sold by KNIME

Starting from $3.97/hr or from $29,000.00/yr (17% savings) for software + AWS usage fees

At KNIME, we build software to create and productionize data science using one easy and intuitive environment, enabling every stakeholder in the data science process to focus on what they do best. KNIME Analytics Platform is the open source software for creating data science. KNIME Server is the...

Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

By using over 280 stats for teams from both games and seasons going back to the 1990’s, this model can help predict the winners and losers for any future NFL matchups. Whether you are trying to get the upper hand in one of your pick-em leagues or just want to see if your favorite team is going to...

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H2O’s AutoML can be used for automating the machine learning workflow, which includes automatic training and tuning of many models within a user-specified time-limit. Stacked Ensembles – one based on all previously trained models, another one on the best model of each family – will be automatically...

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Generalized Linear Models (GLM) estimate regression models for outcomes following exponential distributions. In addition to the Gaussian (i.e. normal) distribution, these include Poisson, binomial, and gamma distributions. Each serves a different purpose, and depending on distribution and link...

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Accu.Tuning is a data analysis tool that automatically finds the optimal machine learning model. Without deep knowledge of data science, you can train and tune various algorithms and hyperparameters with this product. The Exploratory Data Analysis(EDA) visualizations show what the data can tell us...

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux N/A - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

This algorithm enhances contemporary credit scoring by determining whether someone will experience financial delinquency in coming years. Can be used to know the potential risks in credit profile of a customer beforehand and eventually take adequate measures to mitigate it.

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A supervised learning algorithm that uses Artificial Neural Network to classify if the loan will be approved or not. The algorithm uses the Accuracy score metric for determining the quality of the model. Input data should be given in CSV format. This algorithm supports hyperparameter tuning to tune...

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A logistic regression model for binary classification on sparse data set like LibSVM without translating the data set into other formats like recordIO. The algorithm scales efficiently across multi-cores on a single AWS EC2 Instance out of the box.

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This is a demo product from Amazon that showcases the Marketplace experience. It was created using this sample notebook Decision Trees (DTs) are a...

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