Full-stack performance monitoring for the enterprises on AWS

Plan your move, migrate your applications with confidence, and optimize application performance in the AWS Cloud.

Why AppDynamics?

With AppDynamics, you can migrate applications 30+ percent faster by comparing pre and post-move benefits in AWS. Monitor AWS-based applications like microservices and Docker end-to-end, and get support for more than 20 AWS services such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon DynamoDB, and AWS Lambda via Amazon CloudWatch integration.

Plan with confidence

Plan in confidence

➜  Assess environments and choose workloads

➜ Understand application topologies and dependencies

➜ Right-size AWS cloud instances based on real consumption patterns

Migrate with control

Migrate in control

➜ Compare on-premises vs. AWS Cloud application response times

➜ Immediately understand user experience

➜ Share proof points to validate a successful migration

Optimize with clarity

Optimize with clarity

➜ Demonstrate the impacts of app performance on business outcomes

➜ Benchmark each release and fine-tune accordingly

➜ Build the case for future migration candidates

6 Ways to Accelerate Migration to AWS

Discover how AppDynamics can help at all key stages of your move to the cloud: pre-migration, during migration itself, and post-migration.

Increase application performance as your AWS environment grows

Giving end users a high-quality application experience is critical for today’s businesses. External users demand high-performance applications with the lowest latency, and internal users want secure applications that are easy to use. Your ability to give all end users the experience they expect hinges on your monitoring approach. You need a monitoring solution that can effectively monitor and promote application health and performance as you run your applications—as well as the infrastructure that supports them. AppDynamics enables it all.

Supporting application performance during COVID-19

According to AppDynamics’ Agent of Transformation Report 2020 from interviews of 1,000 IT professionals around the world on how the pandemic is impacting business continuity efforts, 80% of technologists believe that the performance of applications and digital services is critical to their business during this time; yet the same number state that they are being held up by a lack of visibility and insight into the performance of their technology stack. AppDynamics provides full visibility into the most critical services and business transactions that make up your applications.

With AppDynamics’ powerful, easy-to-use performance monitoring tool on AWS available through AWS Marketplace, you can manage your health rules to help reduce alert noise during these times of higher traffic demand, quickly diagnose anomalies, and identify root causes faster to troubleshoot slow response times. You can monitor and optimize your application environment as demand changes, and ensure performant application experiences with a comprehensive view of the end user journey.

Nasdaq books a winning trade in application performance management

Nasdaq powers over 90 markets with their technology worldwide and they need to see what customers are doing and how business is performing. AppDynamics enables Nasdaq to accelerate their mean time to resolution.

"We used AppDynamics extensively to understand how the platform was functioning on AWS."

Heather Abbott, Senior Vice President of Corporate Solutions Technology, Nasdaq

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Validate end user and business impact for cloud applications

To help you determine how application performance is impacting end users and your business, AppDynamics tracks every Business Transaction across each user session and automatically captures metrics, including errors, crashes, network requests, and page load details. This enables you to better understand how users are experiencing the application, quickly solve issues, and create greater satisfaction. AppDynamics also enables you to define the business value of an application and identify key metrics that inform whether that value is being fulfilled and what impact the application has to the bottom line.

Align with business priorities and identify future AWS migration candidates

Discover how AppDynamics can help at all key stages of your move to the cloud: pre-migration, during migration itself, and post-migration.

AWS Competencies

AppDynamics is an APN Advanced Technology Partner that has demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success with AWS Competencies in Mobile, Migration and DevOps.