Advanced Endpoint Protection for Amazon EC2


What is Falcon Endpoint Protection?

Falcon Endpoint Protection combines powerful best-in-class prevention, detection and response, together with IT Hygiene capabilities — all unified within one management console and associated workflows. Falcon Endpoint Protection identifies Amazon EC2 instances that do not have the Falcon sensor installed, allowing customers to quickly enhance their security posture. For Amazon EC2 instances with Falcon installed, rich AWS specific contextual information is presented allowing security analysts to implement timely, effective triage and response actions to security events.

CrowdStrike has built its solutions around the ability to detect and prevent breaches by even the most sophisticated adversaries. With a platform that seamlessly deploys and scales with your enterprise and a dedicated team of security professionals, CrowdStrike protects your enterprise with a solution designed to stop the breach and evolve with you.

It provides protection against advanced attacks that bypass traditional perimeter and signature-based approaches. Security and operations teams enjoy automated real-time protection, visibility and control, from one console, to assess and manage the security of their environment in the AWS cloud and on-premises.

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CrowdStrike + Pokemon

Protecting and securing customer data

Pokemon partners with CrowdStrike to proactively protect and manage customer data seamlessly from a single, integrated platform. CrowdStrike’s flexibility allows Pokemon to quickly scale their Amazon EC2 instances up or down without compromising their security posture or visibility into their environment.

Customer challenges

Organizations are increasingly moving mission critical applications and data onto AWS and taking advantage of the flexibility and massive compute power of Amazon EC2.


  • Migrate to Amazon EC2 while avoiding transitioning the adversary
  • Provide consistent prevention, detection and response capabilities to on-premises, virtualized or Amazon EC2 instances
  • Deliver protection that does not impact the performance and efficiency of an Amazon EC2 instance


  • Gain real-time visibility with one console over all your physical, virtual and Amazon EC2 instances
  • Quickly establish a consistent security posture across your Amazon EC2 instances
  • Gain additional context around an Amazon EC2 instance to drives better detection and response actions

Benefits of CrowdStrike Falcon

Better protection

Better protection
  • Against  Malware and Malware-Free
  • Against known and unknown threats - using AI, Machine Learning and Behavioral analytics

Better performance

Better performance
  • Consolidate agents
  • Simplify your architecture
  • Streamline operations

Better value

Better value
  • A true turnkey solution
  • Deploy in one day
  • No consulting services required

Protecting your Amazon EC2 Instances is a click away

Falcon is cloud native, scaling elastically to meeting the demands of teams as they dynamically deploy new applications and services. CrowdStrike has embraced the AWS Marketplace making the procurement and deployment of Falcon services as easy as possible.

CrowdStrike - Advanced Technology Partner
CrowdStrike is an APN Advanced Technology Partner that has demonstrated
technical proficiency and proven customer success with AWS Competencies
in Security & Compliance specialized solution areas.