Advanced Endpoint Protection for Amazon EC2

Combine powerful best-in-class prevention, detection and response, together with IT Hygiene capabilities—all unified within one management console and associated workflows.


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What is Falcon Endpoint Protection?

Falcon Endpoint Protection identifies Amazon EC2 instances that do not have the Falcon sensor installed, allowing customers to quickly enhance their security posture. For Amazon EC2 instances with Falcon installed, rich AWS specific contextual information is presented allowing security analysts to implement timely, effective triage and response actions to security events.

Why CrowdStrike?

CrowdStrike has built its solutions around the ability to detect and prevent breaches by even the most sophisticated adversaries. With a platform that seamlessly deploys and scales with your enterprise and a dedicated team of security professionals, CrowdStrike protects your enterprise with a solution designed to stop the breach and evolve with you.

Better protection

Better protection

Against  Malware and Malware-Free

Against known and unknown threats - using AI, Machine Learning and Behavioral analytics

Better performance

Better performance

Consolidate agents

Simplify your architecture

Streamline operations

Better value

Better value

A true turnkey solution

Deploy in one day

No consulting services required

CrowdStrike + Pokemon: Protecting and securing customer data

Pokemon partners with CrowdStrike to proactively protect and manage customer data seamlessly from a single, integrated platform. CrowdStrike’s flexibility allows Pokemon to quickly scale their Amazon EC2 instances up or down without compromising their security posture or visibility into their environment.

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Customer challenges

Many of today’s organizations maintain environments that are a combination of on-premises, virtual, and public cloud data center solutions, but such environments are dynamic and can pose unique security problems. The ability to scale compute power elastically and ephemerally within EC2 brings with it tremendous operational and business gains, however, practical security considerations are critical. Gaining comprehensive visibility and insight are key to maintaining an adequate security posture, but doing so is not without challenges:

→ Discoverability

Organizations want to quickly and efficiently discover all EC2 instances and identify unprotected/unmanaged assets, allowing them to be put under management as needed

→ Ease of deployment

Security needs to match the speed and agility of DevOps. Visibility of an EC2 instance needs to be achieved instantaneously without having to install yet another agent and removing the need for DevOps to implement install scripts, etc

→ Context

As analysts triage detections, they may lack appropriate context about EC2 instances and need answers to questions such as: Is this system internet accessible? Is it on the same VPC as other critical assets?

→ Efficiency

Time is a critical resource for operations and security teams because too often they find themselves having to pivot across a variety of tools and workflows, as they attempt to span physical, virtual and cloud environments.

AWS Competencies
CrowdStrike is an APN Advanced Technology Partner that has demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success with AWS Competencies in Security & Compliance specialized solution areas.