Suggested ref tags for demand generation to product detail pages

Placement Reftag prefix
Blog _ptnr_blg_
Documentation _ptnr_doc_
Email _ptnr_pe_
FAQ _ptnr_FAQ_
Newsletter _ptnr_pe_nwsltr_
Online Community, Forums    _ptnr_frm_
PR _ptnr_pr_
SEM or online ads _ptnr_ads_
Social Media - Facebook _ptnr_tsm_fb_
Social Media - LinkedIn _ptnr_tsm_li_
Social Media - Twitter _ptnr_tsm_
Website _ptnr_web_
Website - Promo Page _ptnr_web_'promo name'_
Video _ptnr_video_

Example URLs with ref tag:

Suggested best practices:

  • Add a ref tag linking to your product pages in all your demand generation activities
  • Use ‘_ptnr_’ in all your ref tags going to your AWS Marketplace product listing pages, ‘_ptnr_’ can be placed anywhere in the ref tag
  • Use a consistent naming method for different types of demand generation activities
  • Create a unique ref tag for each activity for easy tracking
  • Don’t use ref tags for multiple product listings or multiple product detail pages for easier tracking