Liferay powered by Bitnami

This image is for customers that require 32-bit and legacy paravirtualization support (PV). New deployments should use the "Liferay powered by Bitnami"image at .

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    Latest Version

    6.2.5-1-r04 on Ubuntu 14.04.3 (Other available versions)

    Operating System

    Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 14.04.3

    Delivery Method

    32-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI) (Read more)

    AWS Services Required

    Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS


    • Simplified UI Development: Simplifies the development of internal, external, and channel websites--notably those that allow users to login for personalized services or views
    • Flexible Enterprise Integration Framework: Liferay Portal is a central presentation layer platform that allows users, administrators and developers to integrate content and services from backend or legacy applications
    • Out-of-the-box Tools: Liferay Portal provides more out of the box portlets than any other portal on the market-Choose from over 60 to customize your work environment

    Product Description

    This image is for customers that require 32-bit and legacy paravirtualization support (PV). New deployments should use the "Liferay powered by Bitnami"image at .

    Product Details

    • Version: 6.2.5-1-r04 on Ubuntu 14.04.3
    • Available on AWS Marketplace Since: 01/13/2012


    Usage Instructions

    Once the instance is running, enter the public DNS provided by Amazon into your browser. You will then see the Liferay application. You can go to '/group/control_panel' from your browser to access the application administration panel. The default application administrator is ''. Please check our documentation at ...

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    Support Details

    Liferay powered by Bitnami

    Free support is provided via our forums by the Bitnami team and Bitnami users. For free support, we do not provide a guaranteed response time, however we do our best to respond to questions within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

    Forums: . For paid support, email for further information.

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    Refund Policy

    Bitnami Stacks are available free of charge.

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    This product is currently unavailable.

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