SecureSphere Web Application Firewall for AWS v10.5 (BYOL)

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SecureSphere Web Application Firewall for AWS v10.5 (BYOL)

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Imperva SecureSphere WAF for AWS combines the world's most-trusted web application firewall with cloud-based DDoS protection and visibility and control for your AWS Management Console. SecureSphere for AWS is the first enterprise-class Web Application Firewall tailored specifically for Amazon Web Services. Running natively in AWS, and leveraging all its capabilities, SecureSphere for AWS scales on-demand with AWS applications. SecureSphere applies multiple defenses and correlates results to offer laser-accurate attack detection. Certified by ICSA Labs, SecureSphere addresses PCI 6.6 and provides ironclad protection against the OWASP Top Ten, including SQL Injection, XSS and CSRF.


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Linux/Unix, CentOS 6.3

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