Trend Micro Deep Security (Classic)

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Trend Micro Deep Security (Classic)

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Get proactive protection for your AWS workloads with Trend Micro Deep Security (Classic). Purchase hourly protection for static number of instances - 25/50/100 or 200. (For per instance pricing, see the new Trend Micro Deep Security listing.) Prevent network attacks or breaches with intrusion detection & prevention (IDS/IPS); virtually patch live systems; keep malware off Windows and Linux workloads, uncover suspicious changes, accelerate PCI compliance and simplify security management with multiple controls in one product. Trend Micro Deep Security secures more servers globally than anyone else and has seamlessly integrated with AWS to ensure security won't impact cloud agility or auto-scaling.
Pricing information: The Deep Security AMI needs to run on an EC2 instance. Depending on the number of instances you want to protect, you choose a matching instance size (min. of 25 instances): 25 instances - choose m4.large (or m3.large); 50 instances - choose m4.xlarge (or m3.xlarge); 100 instances - choose m4.2xlarge (or m3.2xlarge); 200 instances - choose c4.4xlarge (or c3.4xlarge). Learn more at or email us at for help sizing your Deep Security deployment. BYOL and SaaS options are also available.


Deep Security 9.6.12048

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Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux Amazon Linux 2014.09.1 x64

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