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Node.js latest stable with Express, MEAN, LoopBack, slc and Monitoring

Node.js latest stable with Express, MEAN, LoopBack, slc and Monitoring

By: StrongLoop Latest Version: 2.0*

This version has been removed and is no longer available to new customers.

Product Overview

Created by the leading contributor to Node.js, StrongLoop's Node.js AMI contains a MEAN stack plus the LoopBack framework for building REST APIs connecting to a variety of datasources. The MEAN stack is comprised of MongoDB, Express, Angular.js and latest stable version of Node. This fullstack JavaScript framework greatly simplifies and accelerates application development. Inside you'll also find a pre-configured LoopBack API framework.

What's Loopback? It's an open source framework for quickly building REST APIs that need to connect datasources like Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB and MySQL. Built into LoopBack are capabilities like replication, offline sync and support for social logins, all accessible through mobile SDKs.

Also inside is StrongOps, a dashboard for clustering, profiling and monitoring Node applications. From the very start you'll be able to debug code, leverage profilers for heap and CPUs, plus monitor transactions and event loops.

Finally, the AMI also ships with slc, a command line utility for building, deploying and clustering Node applications. And because it's all open source, it's easy to extend the AMI with additional functionality using npm modules. Fully supported from the Node experts, developing, deploying and scaling Node applications has never been easier.



Operating System

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2014.03

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  • Amazon Machine Image

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