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PacketViper is a patented bidirectional, Point and Click, Intelligent Geo IP Threat Prevention Filter. The founders at PacketViper saw a gap in existing security environments and invented a new layer which scrubs network traffic before it enters the security environment. Sometimes referred to as country filtering or blocking, Geo-IP filtering allows your network to choose places in the world from which it will accept or deny network traffic. More importantly, PacketViper's innovative advances in Geo-IP Filtering enable new and unparalleled levels of precision that allow businesses to avoid dangerous areas without excluding potentially valuable customers or business.

Simply add PacketViper to your security environment and you will immediately and dramatically reduce the amount of traffic that enters. PacketViper provides a comprehensive actionable and searchable reporting system. Our integrated IP NetCheck provides insight into the origins and destinations of all network activity and allows you to quickly act on any questionable traffic.

Quickly remove dangerous probing and scanning from countries which have no business testing your network ports. Limit access to and from any country on a per-port basis.

Our Global Network Lists (GNLs) are a catalog of online entities which allow you to block traffic from within a country you otherwise have to leave open. Or conversely, allow traffic from major online businesses with networks in countries you would otherwise block.



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