HP LoadRunner - Community Edition

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HP LoadRunner - Community Edition

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HP LoadRunner - Community Edition

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HP LoadRunner software is the industry-standard software for performance engineering. With an intuitive record and playback mechanism, including the patented TruClient technology, HP LoadRunner captures and produces real business processes that users would perform in production, at massive scale. During a test, LoadRunner captures end-user response times for business processes and transactions to determine whether the application can meet the required service-level agreements, and correlates this information against application infrastructure metrics to provide a complete picture of the potential bottlenecks in your system. LoadRunner provides an automated solution to validate that your application is built for better performance and reliability. LoadRunner helps you to test a broad range of applications, including the latest Web and Mobile technologies, ERP/CRM applications, and many legacy systems. Run high-scale tests using minimal hardware across physical, virtual and public Cloud infrastructure and Identify end-to end performance bottlenecks using advanced monitoring and analysis tools to ensure that new or changed applications meet the performance requirements of your business

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LoadRunner 12.5

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