Bitfusion Mobile Video Processing Service

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Bitfusion Mobile Video Processing Service

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Ubuntu 14 AMI pre-installed with Nvidia Drivers, Cuda 7.5 Toolkit, ffmpeg 3, and multiple codecs. Achieve optimal performance by using this AMI on any AWS instance that fits your needs the best. Optimized to take advantage of CPU as well as Nvidia's encoder on Nvidia GRID equipped GPU instances for maximum throughput and minimum latency. Integrate video processing into your application via a simple to use REST API and always deliver optimized content.

Transcoding Benchmark for big_buck_bunny_720p_stereo.avi (272MB) file to mp4, with additional arguments -b:v 5M -acodec copy: Local laptop (libx264, CPU): 4668s, g2.2xlarge: (libx264, CPU) 227s ~ 20x faster, g2.2xlarge (nvenc, GPU): 44s ~ 106x faster



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Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 14.04

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