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AppGate SDP for AWS supports fine-grained, dynamic access control to EC2 resources. Implementing a Software-Defined Perimeter approach for granular security control, AppGate SDP makes all your EC2 resources inaccessible and invisible. It then delivers access to authorized EC2 resources only, verifying a number of user variables throughout each session - including device posture and identity - before granting access.

AppGate SDP creates an individualized network 'segment of one' for each user, ensuring that user and system context is evaluated in real time before granting network access to the appropriate instances and services within the cloud environment. By automatically detecting new server instances and intelligently combining EC2 metadata with user context, AppGate SDP automatically adjusts user access to these new instances. AppGate SDP simplifies your AWS Security Groups, improving security and reducing your workload - all controlled by a simple set of policies.
A BYOL version of this software is also available in the AWS Marketplace. This product is developed and supported by Cryptzone, a Cyxtera business.



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